Health Catalyst Senior Data Architect(General & Administrative )
University of Utah Masters, Computer Science
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How did you get to where you are today? What is your story? What incidents and experiences shaped your career path?

Summarized By: Jeff Musk on Fri Sep 11 2020
Yeah, I started as a system engineering emphasis in India in 2011 I started working for Apple on a They said there was a baby. I come from him, so I wanted to learn more what data does and how. It's actually shapes of, uh, addition. So I wanted to learn more. So I came. I looked up for programs where I learned more data. Uh, actually, I jumped onto data. Same classes ward with, uh So I looked up unit with women. A very It was really nice. So I focused my attention on that.

What responsibilities and decisions does one handle in a job like yours? Tell us about weekly work hours, including the time spent on work travel and working from home.

Summarized By: Jeff Musk on Fri Sep 11 2020
Yes. So I don't have in my position. I don't need to travel. Uh, but once funny that I did. But anyway, so the whole my job rest for years mainly for was John how to create data models work to understand what the business means. So first listening Thio needs that there and creating a data are affecting it. How people are actually creating it. Sometimes it can be alive.want to create the data. The data brand. So what about during the day? They will be shown in a decisive way. So, uh, how the other data with who works with me? So they create, uh, they actually created the data reports and all the stuff, and I'll make sure that it's actually really trust for who they are making. Probably if they have any questions on how the window Magister.

What tools (software programs, frameworks, models, algorithms, languages) are typically used in a role like yours?

Summarized By: Jeff Musk on Fri Sep 11 2020
so I'm greatly work with people. Right on on the art. Sometimes they are the right provincial, and, uh, sometimes I also with I should quite language. So the, uh, the the language. Right? So I always say something like language is not dependent. You should not depend on what language that technology use. It's more like What is the use of imagery? If there is a situation some, for example, Sometimes you can build essential because very nicely works with windows. But she she does not work going to see, you know, So you can go with that? Yeah, for this You wanted thio shop and call it in a hyper scriptures that I can actually talk to someone UNIX system. So, uh, language should not get that Usually the technology the technology should come from the business need. So what is the difference in the hope that they want? Oh, approach that. So great. Now

What are the challenges in a job like yours? What approaches are effective in dealing with these challenges? Discussing examples will help students learn better.

Summarized By: Jeff Musk on Fri Sep 11 2020
um, most of my challenges are actually three different sexual. First thing is, I usually get a payload of more than 10 projects 17 years for a year or two, uh, picking out which one to do it, what? Their idea and work base. So I'm completing the trump appropriately within the time. So that is the main talent, obviously, because most of the people you always on the meeting, so you have to make sure you are creating something for yourself to work on those on. The second thing is, um, technology. What is you need to be always on those, like eyes that a better solutions you can think of. Is that a cost of particular Children in which can solve the problem? Or sometimes it can be really like I don't want could previously, like one year back. And how should I just moved around that actually improve something so that yeah, more systematically creating a good, uh, performance issues Are any good performance a good way to actually management system? So my upward for all of these problems are thio. They have a big problem. Very, very small, small, small tanks, manageable chance and keep on doing those tanks and similarly continues to grow. Yeah,

What are the job titles of people who someone in your role routinely works with, within and outside of the organization? What approaches are effective in working with them?

Summarized By: Jeff Musk on Fri Sep 11 2020
I My team mainly e have it move food. We're only were very smart. I'm at the doctor and I worked with $3 data analyst. You might think the them and work with the excuse on my company. Sell our seas Trying to help make things with them. Uh and that's really more, uh, the, uh, dio executive is much more demanding compared to work. Trying to come up with a managers eso when you're trying, they just, uh, make sure that your data is that whatever you are trying to look as you have a agenda for the meeting and nature, you're sticking to the agenda. Even though there longer terms last letter portions, Yeah.

What things do you like about your job? Were there any pleasant surprises?

Summarized By: Jeff Musk on Fri Sep 11 2020
Yeah, my like, uh, team a lot. Yeah, we're independent individuals Way don't. My data don't have anything, and they don't come to work. I want help. But there have been the trend projects right now, but I'm the only taking a vase who supports them. So, uh, it's a very, very tell everything nicely. Thio work with them because I can learn a lot from them. And the President? The President? Yes. I need to always have a lot of terms of art. Part of the box solutions that created we just there nothing.

What skills and qualities does your team look for while hiring? What kind of questions does your team typically ask from candidates?

Summarized By: Jeff Musk on Fri Sep 11 2020
the quality is there to again. There are two things. The first one is technology wise. So we want someone toe someone who can lead to logically. And then I actually, when I agreed to hire anyone the main thing that is I don't even if they don't owe me. But when you give solutions, one has to listen to the stations and understand Come up with a solution that is much more better than, uh, what present is being able to give an answer. And I have the second part which really focused cultural expect. So I always looked Person who actually is more moderator. Compare Thio Uh, not less moderated person. So then you are in the interview with this last kind of questions standoff questions to the interview and all this. Understand what into your distinctive Uh, no, it's not like the writer, and there are No, it's more like the communication with Main Thing, which makes a dish

What helped you to stand out in your hiring process? How should someone prepare for an interview for a job like yours?

Summarized By: Jeff Musk on Fri Sep 11 2020
I feel like what? They answered the questions before they enter your ask the questions. Somebody drug me. So basically, when you are actually, when someone asks you your mission, for example, someone else Hey, what are the nexus? So don't answer the simple Yeah, Alexis, it this one give you an example where you replaced it, where you worked with What's your experience? If you don't have that, you're actually jump on toe. There are what type of indicators are there and how they actually. So when I e when people have responded more? Uh, e But I am actually exempted that I feel more control, this dynamic stuff. So please make sure that religion try to answer the question and then around to it. Yes, but first tried to answer the question. And so, in the first position, like mine, you have to have a really good skills and work sequel and basically built like like understanding what data models will work. And actually, yeah, maybe the best way Thio start with a project like but one smaller dimension. What? We suddenly suppose that our nation's trying to do, uh, like another one data weight of data than easier. Our picture sustained that, if not what you're gonna do so that anything that will make you mhm

Can you discuss career accomplishment(s) that you feel good about? Please discuss the problem context, your solution, and the impact you made.

Summarized By: Jeff Musk on Fri Sep 11 2020
Wow. Like the interrogation I was asking eso uh, yeah, actually, like five or six days back, we had the house conference, which help? This has health Catholics sponsored health. You know, the conference which help Salt Lake City. But this time we made it completely virtual. And we made a very things time. We're actually made a great force and live and all things because it's virtual a lot of people and making sure I'm right on time to provide the it exposes. But that is there, big job. So I am really proud of them. Yeah.

What is a future career path for professionals in your role? How long does it typically take to advance through various roles? How easy are such promotions to come by?

Summarized By: Jeff Musk on Fri Sep 11 2020
So when you are a senior data taken afterwards, you are gonna be a tech Arctic. That's the next level. So Takac, our technical director, is also in great position to start with, uh, they take a data effect is only focused on data left database levels system. There is a taker with mainly focused on integrations with other systems. It's more like them. You also have to know right on our T shirt, whatever the technology, how does it fit through and you also make the report on Should I buy that software? I'm not, Does it actually, Drinan toe Maidana, They're saying, however, from oceans come back, promotions are pretty hard. That's the thing That's true. How long visited? Okay, so there is something the chair always want to tell other people. Like if there is a position if you think that Zeier that he was really doesn't matter How about oh there is always being an amateur. Always play the role much better compared toa being an experienced person

What responsibilities and decisions did you handle at work? What were the challenges? What strategies were effective in dealing with these challenges?

Based on experience at: Business Intelligence Engineer, Infosys
Summarized By: Jeff Musk on Fri Sep 11 2020
So as I was saying, my my basically responsibility is making sure the data models are accurate and my system is all all the time or 100 properly. And these are much everyday. For example, uh, that we can hit a lot of power supplies and we lost all our service and they're back up and it's not running. So making Children telling everyone followed with everyone. But the reports are gonna be slower our spring to the other system. Like what happens in this kind of what happens to the incrementalist? Probably this all this so and the strategy, what is and start with very divide the problem into a very spots and manageable change and keep it going. Welcome back. And as you're building, more and more, you are going

How did the school prepare you for your career? Think about faculty, resources, alumni, exposure & networking. What were the best parts in each of your college programs?

Based on experience at: Masters, Computer Science, University of Utah
Summarized By: Jeff Musk on Fri Sep 11 2020
eso in masters informations. The greatest parties, especially at the university of you. The you will see there best off your 100% knowledge. I do remember there is this coast called Big Data. And, um, initially we started like, that's the same Mr Coast. We started to see a C plus president. Then we moto java, and then we moved to fight them. Then we motor park in it just for its A 413141 period. Uh, that's that's where the universal view, the especially on the comfort science. Uh, it prepared to actually be I can solve it.

What three life lessons have you learned over your career? Please discuss the stories behind these lessons, if possible. Stories could be yours or observed.

Summarized By: Jeff Musk on Fri Sep 11 2020
the first lesson. What I learned is, uh, it Z uh, it's always make sure you're not in your progress compared Thio every time you can't hit the 100 but making sure that you are making progress without giving up. So that's the first thing. So second thing is, technology is very well start. Uh, it's in your hands to how you are going to shave it, because you can. You can do anything with technology when you're thinking about it. But don't stick toe nothing for technology. Explore your technologies like improves Asia or be a unpublishable. Any scripting drivers? Exactly. And the third thing is always, always learn a new concept. For example, there is a vegan version off. What says we do watch No incremental. There's a lot of difference which usually come out. There is not only you. There's a lot of people who are thinking all about this stuff. So there are a lot of people who actually submitted by, right, uh, white papers. So just keep on, we go through them, you will give you a really good studies. Yeah, yeah. No

What starting job and internships would you recommend to students who hope to grow professionally like you? What other parting advice, dos, and don'ts would you give?

Summarized By: Jeff Musk on Fri Sep 11 2020
as an intern, I always recommend people to start. So if you're looking so if you're looking for a data analyst, start becoming doing a data analyst Internet. It can be very tedious where you're just looking at exults. But still, it's better than nothing. If you're going for a data entry, it would soak effort to get into software engineering Venture sponsor. So no index advice. If you do that, when he asks internships in different sectors, that's much better for your career to grow. And the only advises, please in Inter realism to the interview. He's not those that anything, so make sure listen to him properly, asking questions. The more questions you are, the more comfortable you and interview that's the equivalent.