High school admin

College Mentor

  • Get featured on high schools & universities sites. Eg -- Talk to College Mentors on High School site
  • Provide you picture, education and work details for sharing with students
  • Verify your information in case an inviter has already added any of your information
  • After a few days, you are requested to select a conference time that works for you.
  • At the scheduled time, our system makes calls and connects mentor with students
  • Press 1 to indicate that the call did not go to your voicemail
  • Press 2 to mute a student who is not giving others students a chance
  • You can see who you are speaking to in your dashboard.
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  • Expand Mentor Students Tab on a high-school or college website to see mentors
  • Select mentors who you want to speak with in the tab
  • At the scheduled time, you will receive a call and will be connected to the mentor & other students
  • Press 1 to unmute yourself and ask a question from the mentor. You may need to wait if other student presses 1 before you.
  • Press 0 when you are done asking your question and to give other students a chance.
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University Admin

  • Engage prospective students on your website
    1. Get a Mentor Students Tab
    2. Paste the tab on your program website
    3. Mentors who you invite or approve are featured in the tab
    4. Prospective students select mentors in the tab
  • Reach to prospective students from high-school websites
    1. Your mentors get featured in tabs on various high-school websites
    2. High-school students select your mentors in the tab
    3. High school students can be redirected to your website when they click on mentor's information
  • At the scheduled time, our system makes calls and connects mentor with prospective students
  • Receive FREE leads & profile information about prospective students
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Why MentorStudents.org?

We help you empower your students to speak with college mentors and get insider's view on college programs of interest

  • Free

    MentorStudents.org is a FREE service for high-schools, colleges, mentors and students.

  • FERPA & Privacy

    We are FERPA compliant and we ensure privacy of students & mentors. The conferencing system makes outbound calls and everyone gets our number. No contact info is exchanged.

  • Easy to use

    NO RESOURCES from high schools or Universities are needed. Mentor Students Tab can be added to a site by copying & pasting one line of the code. All of the underlying technology regarding tabs, featuring mentors, scheduling and conferences is handled by us.

  • Effective

    Students don't dial in. Our system calls them on their phone or computer, which ensures attendance. Multiple students can be on the same call with one mentor. Students take turns asking questions of a mentor just like in a classNameroom setting. Research shows students learn best in groups and gain insights from peer's questions.

High school admin

  • Provide an insider's view of what it is like to be a student in programs of interest
  • Create enthusiasm for the career that awaits and strengthen commitment
  • Foster positive thinking, "if my college mentor can do it, so can I"
  • Keep students focused by encouraging the culture of frequent career-discussions
  • Let students hear the need of good academic achievement & graduation from their own experienced versions-college students
  • Get better reviews from parents & students for providing cutting-edge mentoring service
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College Mentor

  • Make a difference-Share your experiences and hard-earned knowledge, and help students reach their highest potential
  • Prestige-Getting featured on high-school & University website underscores your professional achievement
  • Health benefits-Long stream of research indicates that mentoring reduces stress, fights depression and improves health
  • Help your program-Increase the prestige of your program and help to recruit good students
  • Leadership-Be seen as a thought leader who can groom colleagues and help them grow
  • Professional visibility-Stand out before recruiters and hiring managers
  • Extend professional network-Today's student is tomorrow's professional who will always hold you in high regard
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  • Speak over the phone with college mentors from majors & colleges of interest
  • Get the real picture on college programs and career afterwards
  • Evaluate your fit & make an informed career decision
  • Know about funding opportunities, scholarships and assistantships
  • Increase your admission chances & college success
  • Defeat self-doubt, stay focused & reach highest potential
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University Admin

  • Bigger pool of academically well prepared and motivated students
  • Let prospects speak with real people-your students-and make it easy for prospects to see why your program is the best for them
  • Nudge prospects sitting on the fence and increase applications for your program
  • Increase your program's visibility
  • Use Social Local Mobile (SoLoMo) convergence to reach out to millennials
  • Get lead and profile information about prospects
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"I think this experience is like literally being given a golden key success. You can develop a relationship of trust with someone who makes a hiring decision in a global company. Huge and opens a lot of normally closed doors."

J. Smith Jr.

"I am also very interested in the company which he works for. He offered to allow us to job shadow him and immediately accepted our LinkedIn friend requests."

Bradley Ferreira

"In less than a week from the call I have a contact at a company that I want to work for and someone that I can ask questions to as I try to further my career."

Travis Peterson

"I have found it difficult to get a feel for the big data landscape and know what skills would help make me successful in this space. You have helped me better understand the current state of the NoSQL movement and what steps I can take to further my career."

Nikolaus Sonntag