JPMorgan Chase & Co. VP, Strategic Analytics
Institute of Management Technology, Ghaziabad Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.), Finance, Information Technology
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How did you get to where you are today? What is your story? What incidents and experiences shaped your career path?

Summarized By: Jeff Musk on Wed Jul 29 2020
so I'll start with my background. Oh, where I'm working now. So I worked with U S A. And you see as ordination they had certain products, which is property and casualty insurance. Onda the banking from asses, which is a credit, and that about it set up on I fit into the banking and the deposit and the corporate side of the business. Andi Within that I'm into the strategic analytics Andi on a day to day basis. My job function includes understanding the market of the economic trends and understanding what us But our product competitiveness is income, surprising himself the last, and then trying to recommend to the business the ultimate business who handled the property. Loss of that counts whether it makes sense to enter certain pockets or segments. Or it makes sense to get out of seven pockets depending upon it. Watches at the market. Vierin, or, if it's a new expansion, are we want Teoh optimize our credit book in certain areas. So that's my day today, uh, function income. So a fool's originally use our SAS on DA sequel on Tableau Onda? Uh, yeah, On the most part, it ends up in a deck or a power point. Teoh, convince the issue management to take a decision. Ah, either, uh, or to not take a decision depending upon what happens is is we're working up. So that's where I am right now. Record this. I was with cheese, getting warranties on doing similar work. I was with their business cards and business slows and being similar strategic analytics in using analytics, audit analytics, Teoh try business decisions. And that was like for two years. And then before that, I'll work next press almost in the same thing. But I was doing a little bit on breaking as well and some project management as a onda. Before that, I was ah, Tech developer. So I'll tell you how I ended up here from where I started. So when I started, I was a tech developer. But I always wanted to know, uh, this technology why we're even building. So I finished my masters, Lamba because I wanted to get into the business head off. And then when I got in the business, head off it, I realized that, uh, So if this is just one function toe, which seven budget is allowed are allocated and then we have to complete Certainly shitter. So I wanted to understand he who decide this, but it and at what point? So busy to step up on dumb. So what are the functions within the organization with earning money time our costs and Kirsten my profits interest on. So that's how I went into the credit set off. Basically what it is war brings in the cash, Ceramics or cheese are, uh um, you see occurs in the banking said of him. So then I got into bed and then I realize that a lot off this function is now moving towards. Moreover, technology driven decisions like analytical don't just decisions and nobody wants toe just agree to hear. I think so. This market is good. Everybody wants a data, uh, kind of a backing to all the decisions. So that's how things are. More politics. And I was moved antics. So and then you're in terms of future where this industry might be going, and it is very small person. But whatever I know a little bit is in terms off. Ah, deeper. I think that the new sources of data and news was information by the third party yard from internal sources and then we load it upon. That's a big data. And then, yeah, that's a convenience exercise. Very keeping proven on the idea being that you want to do quickly to the person who you think would read a the best at the best times. And then you make some money from both sides because there'll be some people will not be, but it still won't make money. So where is that sweet spot? So that's when brown going exercise. I go, yeah.

What responsibilities and decisions does one handle in a job like yours? Tell us about weekly work hours, including the time spent on work travel and working from home.

Summarized By: Jeff Musk on Wed Jul 29 2020
group backwards. So in terms, self working from home now become a They're really working from home, which is the jobs that doesn't require you to be at the site on. You can basically variable that work through laptop and goodbye connection. So yes, to your point, right now, it's all work from home. But prior to this ah epidemic, there was some portion. It's a dependable nomination. Dog nation. Some of nations are looking flexible and work from home and some of nations or not on you see Dog Nation that I'm in right now. So they were the pioneers in the remote work because we served gently to the military members and the spirit across. And so beer pretty opening the welcome Humber tees had a little bit more conservative approach in terms of work from home. So they wanted more people to be at the office, which is fine. An Amex was also some in the middle, so they wanted some people work from home. Some people Toby it office because there is a problem. Constable sent off it so because I personally feel work from office is a better option because you meet with people and then there's ideas that certainly it's easy to just welcome to my desk and I cannot get the discussion going. But yes, uh, I would say in the work hours, it's generally 40 work 40 hours a week, but then give or take some hours will be additional, depending upon Hey, marketing, launching a big product then you can't be. There's Nobody can just. But it's not that your work will not be finished. But then there's so many people who are starting that whole, uh, like a really raise, so something you might be dependent someone else minutes in the world so inadvertently kind of gets your job will likely later. I mean, stand near of Lower Coast. But whatever lessons most of the organizations they do respect, let a few put into next hours. They compensate that, if not ah, through dressed like a salve your compensation. But in terms off like, hey, take a day off this week. So it's always a balanced, so new information would basically over work you to death. So that's one. And then, yeah, in terms off my, uh uh, you asked me. The first question was the first part of this noted question was what they're doing a Billy What job function? Reporting to. Okay, So in terms of hierarchy, I'm the credit side of it. Most of the information in that credit would have a very single healthy. Some kind of resignations would be, ah, analyst and then the lead analyst and then VP or vice president on. Then you becoming your executive director, and then you been basically at that point, you start merging with the sea suit, which is like sitting in a sea of yours. You will see out of deepest, uh, officer. And in terms of a natural path, it started analyst Unilever function would include Oh, like you will be given somebody a little bit small piece we and leading to find some friends. And then your lead would basically have, like that support me and let's chill clinical information and then packaged information into something more useful depending on what they came to solve. For a obvious for most paratransit from some kind of a deck like a power point where you, Leo, that his work he started to solve for this the work you saw this water recommendation is for most by that has to be a recommendation unless itself uh, Lego for your information kind of exercises, but for most. But you just don't give information. You, uh, get them from Snow Point. Very. Say that here. This information makes me think this. Or you can get a possible Snyder's how it will play out The casino menu doesn't have time to go through all and as this so you can keep the complexity ourselves. But they might be the instant recommendation because there have 100 things and this is just one function. Onda, Uh, And as you grow in your career, what happen is as elite level, you'll understand. You want to function some certain certain portions, but once you go a little higher, then you'll understand why you're doing what you're doing. And you'll be much closer to our day to day decision making. It was a little more higher than you'll have much more responsibility in terms, but analytics, this is one function. Then they will be complains than there is being liquidity. That is a fraud also going on and then, uh, on a huge strategic decision of nations even moving towards different product itself. So you will have, especially at that level. So yes, I hope. Yeah. Somebody want to get into the credit risk said off. Ah, the industry. This gives a might view if that idea off.

What tools (software programs, frameworks, models, algorithms, languages) are typically used in a role like yours?

Summarized By: Jeff Musk on Wed Jul 29 2020
since ah, the family towards his sask and says being ah ah, not opener softer. It's a lot of other nations speak for SAS license. When I see it sets as well as simple, as if I want to use as I need to have my own license, I can assure you went in it eso for its satellites instead of being on the secret list. Basically, tree. It's a layer on top of most of the databases. That's one who that's used heavily you would know how to use. We should know a lot of excel because in the end, between your beat up wolf and everything that you have analyzed on what all your present it on the deck, the middle layer is always the Excel sheet, but Rolex and shit. So a lot of your report it wasn't there. The last Yes, I think the Big 10 getting nights to use, and then you put it in there and then articulate tableau has also being pregnant that she But you can do a lot of benefits on that. It's more of a presentational on the motor off. Hey, you can cut it through different views and then a passage in tow, which you could have done on the people there. So but glad it's on Benny putting down so badly connection with the brutal sources and you can send out February Ireland. It's much more convenient or faster to. That's Phoenix accepted, because in my function it's not always very solving some problems. But it wasn't the time is like he did what it is. This is what you're seeing 60% of time. A few different things will be like solemn for something that, hey, I said something wrong can do something about it. We want to get here can presenting a lot So there's always a politician side of mistakes, 50% a time. Then there's a 50% is politics where you use more seats? Asked our sequence. Any blood of national, they want to get into open source like cheese Waas. Then this beytin. That's a good tool to learn, but it's depend upon other nationals. There is mental instability and what they think, because the big organizations there is the complaints, so they want to stick to some traditional talkers like Sask. I'm some, but what? I'm seeing it to mix some data, which is not so sensitive. They allow people to work bite him. But I think the sensitive and has a lot of evolution. Oversight distance to good SAS in the tradition, it always liberating, uh, political.

What are the challenges in a job like yours? What approaches are effective in dealing with these challenges? Discussing examples will help students learn better.

Summarized By: Jeff Musk on Wed Jul 29 2020
I would say before Salant are meeting the Olympic space. The challenges, which is 80% off the time, is he should be able to understand what the problem is and what you're starting for. So for most part, when you're into meetings in some discussion, ship management Ah, Bill have a very, like a one liner of a problem. But for you to take that simple one line or two lines and then break it down and do, uh, like it, this is the information I have seen too much making procure. And once you understand that he delivered 100 things a moving parts. What is the most important inventive scalper? You can always go out and find peanut answer as much as possible and let's go. But then you should. That comes with experience, although you should be able to draw a line that I have only so many days of Tibet around inside, please off that most of the times of the challenges how best to sell for that problem. And what is the problem, baby brother line for the school and that is the biggest talent. Once you haven't defector and convinced everyone that this is their post. This is how you understood the problem, starting for that in 20 or 30%. Because for most part, once you are in this job, you would be completed to do things. But understanding with what is selling for and drawing the line are about to again able to convince that whatever a school of thought is Ah, uh is good enough to solve this problem. And this one person may be simply a resumption that you take in terms of scenarios, so that also comes with experience. But as a journalist, you they would sometimes get back as well because I understand a lot of people who would come out from colleges would be an analyst level Onda, and initially, they will be naked. Okay, just tell me what to do. But with experiential understand that this is what we've done on this is very challenging sometimes are make certain inefficient for yourself. So

What are the job titles of people who someone in your role routinely works with, within and outside of the organization? What approaches are effective in working with them?

Summarized By: Jeff Musk on Wed Jul 29 2020
in terms of job cattle that I work with. So I didn't tell you that. Working, really? How are of nationalist uppermost back sandwiches in the lead, and then Rvp are then a CD, and then it just gets into a little higher management tools? Uh, and in terms of the tattoos, we work with the force that comes to my mind. Is the fair lending Andi complaints? Because in a correct credit world, this some sort of looked over said after the 2008 prices financial crisis. So we work with a fair lending and the complaints. So the titles there would generally be like a gentle council who would have lot off adept in the ah, the law on the financial set off the law Onda. We worked with them. Then we work with the financial analysts, meaning the finance which basically approved most of our decisions because all our decisions include certain revenue and certain last. So whether our organizations built because finances finally like a treasury put aside, said, this is or who understand. This is the money that the operation getting in and this is what they have to be either to the shareholders that in terms dependent are in terms, the salaries and every other operational costs. So we have to bounce all our ideas, all our strategy to them because it isn't strategy. And then we do work with, ah, business managers who were the real business owners because we have the San Itics if we can recommend something, but we don't decide whether it meets with another. That would be generally business managers, uh, who basically hold the piano Provident last, like the piers and Greece basically, and, uh, any business property business for us. The other one's a comfortable. We just provide analytic support up until we worked with the business managers. And then we do work with the I T. T, which is a huge function because anything that we are eso most of people, we work with the idea and listen. So this particle structure applies a position without mention similarly inside you love some analysts and leader architect, so you work with them, but they're the ones were implementing. This rule is in some kind of technology back home because ultimately at for customers going to apply a little brute digital app, it all comes back to a back in kind of a software with all the digital takes place. So they're the one that I people, other one school Oh, get all this quarter up, B c transit All the nice thing that we have created decision into the system rooms. So look with Diet Onda. We do work with the outside outside we work it out. Nations like Experian are like oh, are a few facts and other straight bills from where to get information Extra information which we might not have internally but the same personal center play or alone a some kind of a credit to with external vendors as well So who are between from exploiters?

How would you describe your management style? How has it evolved over the years? Can you tell about experiences or books that influenced your management style?

Summarized By: Jeff Musk on Wed Jul 29 2020
Oh, I sat managing a small team only recently in cheese on. That's, uh, try to mix of employees and contractors. So I realize my mind in style in what world would be much more handsome. Ah, because in this space limited experience in whatever way you can manage it, because any number that is published generally requires second review and you cannot Bruce. I can't even let me know how that entire thing is time. So there's no there's no way you can do it without being and on yourself. So my men and said, I would say it's much more hands on Onda trying to take a backseat as much as possible. Just tell what the problem is. A lot of people have different ideas because there's no one way to solve a problem. There's so many ways, and you understand that if you just empower the team, uh, they come up with some good solutions. Only thing is, you'll have just be the shadow of the video. Understand he was going to far are from where, because there's always a time line. There's always so many conflicting priorities. So whether really able to prove that in the specific time and whether assumptions of any other approach that they have. Peking, whether that's in a fairly reasonable box or not, and keep challenging as you go. So you don't wait for the final product, Would you say you review as you go more than a chain but always give room to? So I try not to define the solution. Upset outright, it had only defend the problem and then let them define the insulation framework.

How do you manage conflicts within and across teams? How do you promote trust, openness and a healthy work culture? Sharing stories will greatly help.

Summarized By: Jeff Musk on Wed Jul 29 2020
income. So constrict relations. Who they're going to come Not because one doesn't like the other person. Uh, in Americus milieu. That can happen. But now, for most. But I tried toe challenge heart or the idea, not the person Andi. So better subtle ways to do it on instead of errantly, uh, conflicting. Uh, there was Laker great in that risk, the kind of language he used the body with use and the complication that you have and the trust that you have the team of the person that's the first on. Then you always I always try to stick to you. Even I'm telling the idea. Then I always try to get some alternatives as well. So it's not like to hear it, this idea or whatever your post is not good or it's not correct. But then you also should know because, hey, what could be the credit to give a couple of options that that gets the personal it remember thinking that here, this also can be done instead. Oh, disclosing it are for living the person kind of struggle again. So I realized that if you great to challenge the idea, and in this after more. Oh, man. It was a way for lack of words. Our people are gently warm in terms off, open to the ideas and thank you, Uh, you their best. And they understand that he thinks can be done a little differently. Onda Uh, yeah. And then then any good work. I realize that after so addictive, uh, you the student, my idea. But they took the entire ownership Are trying to get that carried back to them in whatever problems I get. So they understand that they trust him. It was always their thing. I was just a mentor. Uh, emphasis gave him.

What indicators are used to track performance in a job like yours? Think of the indicators such as key performance indicators (KPIs), objectives & key results (OKRs), or so on.

Summarized By: Jeff Musk on Wed Jul 29 2020
yes, saying themselves, uh, tracking the performers, Uh, in I roll, it's a lot of it. It's tied to what the dollar benefit direct. Then it could not equal give to the ordination. Either. Benefit are whatever lossy could help abide domination on the credit side. Result in the loss of this, a published will be there. So if you were able to meet that this isn't that we don't want to go to that a space and you were able awards on last designation or get more stop playing meaning himself. Your business are laudable home and decide to that. And then second moments is I do. Whether you were able to complete most of the work within the time lines and whatever you're committed, you were able to pull up with that on. Uh, yeah, so they do make family ones, and then the others they have stuff for what is likely. Nobody will do work with a team. We were in shot and they were able to complete our trainings because they're they're all bookkeeping at two things that the Commission should be doing other than needed to do functions. Because but then there's so many with this dimension is also being just with so how your decisions impact and we are in the business with any small escalation of customer escalation. Can we do a lot of bad rap for the nation? So we need to be aware. Oh, look at these distant directly in back the customer and it doesn't take any person more than Simon cities go to any which gets, I tend to say that I had a bad experience and then it just goes, well, so severely to Department of Back as for when taking decisions. So some kind off some portion from Delta type, where performance like behavior thought everything in that spell. The proposal late in terms of what was charged, apropos and putting on the table so