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University of Utah Master's degree, Information Systems
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How did you get to where you are today? What is your story? What incidents and experiences shaped your career path?

Summarized By: Jeff Musk on Sat Jul 25 2020
to start with my story soon after I finished my B dick. I was actually trying to understand what I wanted to do with my career. So I started as the Java developer for PCs. So the couple of years, which I would have been there, I actually realized, um, capable to interact in the team, work as a team, and I was even give will to do more than what I was already doing. So I started pursuing my other options as well and also developing much more qualities which are required to work in this environment. So, yes, that's how I pursued that. I can do masters and do more in my career. I was looking for the options in which feel like and going to Masters and Information Systems Inc one of the best choice to me at that time, which I still believe he's. And that's how he started pursuing about data engineering, data mining and analytics. That's what brought me today to where I am

What responsibilities and decisions does one handle in a job like yours? Tell us about weekly work hours, including the time spent on work travel and working from home.

Summarized By: Jeff Musk on Sat Jul 25 2020
Yes, sure. So my team where I'm working right now amedy down list for the teen which supports operations and supports for my company activity. So we basically plan the work or demand and supply for almost 4000 people who are working in our company. What we do is we analyzed for that the demand that we're gonna be getting in the next six months. And we planned the staffing accordingly. And we also support the major off business steams the VP's and the directors to guide them to make better decisions. We provide them the information that they need to hire or even to let go of people. That's the higher level of what my dean does. And I play a rule. Us. They don't listen that where we understand the historical laid off, how we did in the past two or three years, and we forecast home that can be used in the future. Going months so deeply when we talk about were cars are I work a little less than 5 to 7 hours a day, and this would be in the environment and this could be quite flexible or even less than what we usually do. So it is it most because we expect most off surprises and I don't activities, so it's quite flexible. Some weeks would be quite if you're in work and some would be a little less. And I have, um I haven't had any travel time yet because most off the officers in my company a remote and we interact virtually very often. Yeah.

What tools (software programs, frameworks, models, algorithms, languages) are typically used in a role like yours?

Summarized By: Jeff Musk on Sat Jul 25 2020
Basically, what we do is we get the data, we analyse it, and we sure results to our oh, operation Steam. So discussing this life cycle be used sequel because most off our database systems are based on M s equal. So we are. We usually get data with that lamb pretty much mostly occupied in secret programming to get the reader and for analyzing. Most of our legacy models are built in Excel, which we're trying to convert them into pipeline right now, toe get in line with the ongoing technology and we provide charts and visualizations in tableau. So I also develop dashboards in tablas. Bill. Yeah.

What are the challenges in a job like yours? What approaches are effective in dealing with these challenges? Discussing examples will help students learn better.

Summarized By: Jeff Musk on Sat Jul 25 2020
So when we talk about challengers for my job, I would say, as I mentioned earlier thes surprises or the adult activities which we get O in very short span of time from our clients. We have very huge requests, which should be fulfilled within a week or many times in less than a week. So that's quite challenging because we mostly have to getting low, pitch more that 15 to 20 people within this short time and get them all aligned with the distance that are being changed. And most of them are high level toe. Uh, in the beginning, I faced a really high char challenging because I had to interact with all the directors. We peace within just a quick call, which was not the thing I used to do before, because all of them were pretty high level, and that was quite intimidating for me in the first. But later on, when we start providing the data which they need, they actually start off valuing your data. It gets easier as we go on, and yeah, that's a part of the challenge, which I thought I had before. But now it's getting better. Oh, yes,

What are the job titles of people who someone in your role routinely works with, within and outside of the organization? What approaches are effective in working with them?

Summarized By: Jeff Musk on Sat Jul 25 2020
I mentioned my team is the operations and support be almost interact with our RC you very frequently, at least bi weekly and also with identically report to my senior vice president. So he's one of the main person in my team who guides us through all the tasks. He's the one who coordinates with us. And also when I build my models, I'll have to interact with all the different business units in my organization. So I have to interact with the implementation managers and also the characters who report to them and also the developers who bring out the data from the client's eso. I interact with almost all the hierarchy in our immigration. Yes, I mean that I would think that is one of the posters I have in my job. That is one of the things I like as well, yes,

What indicators are used to track performance in a job like yours? Think of the indicators such as key performance indicators (KPIs), objectives & key results (OKRs), or so on.

Summarized By: Jeff Musk on Sat Jul 25 2020
when we talk about KP eyes first and foremost output from my team. And when I say I don't know, we don't contract that individual outputs being tracked as a team output because we provide the forecasting scenarios and also the decision making factors for all the directors. So that is one of the key indicators we try to have as much accuracy as possible. The limit we have is 99.5% right now in the last two years, since when I worked there. So we keep ah, tracking back our predictions and also the four Gus we give to the directors. So that is one of the key indicators, I would say. And the other thing is, we are mostly driven to give a timely response and also the most accurate one and being the timely response we cannot like on the accuracy because he over here talking about very key decisions, hiring and letting off people within just a month, which placed a very major role. When we talk about hundreds and hundreds people walking on the oh ground level, yeah,

What things do you like about your job? Were there any pleasant surprises?

Summarized By: Jeff Musk on Sat Jul 25 2020
do you get surprises very often because we always get a pretty new task every other day. Recently, because of covered, we had to develop Daily metrics report for each BYU's. So this report usually drugs each and every day's work off what we were supposed to do and what we did to plant Trico with during the Soviet period. And also, hopefully now we're shifting to post go with scenarios. So this was This is the best example I can give with my job because we had to develop these reports for nearly 8 to 10 business units with the nurse pan off two weeks, which was very challenging, Azaz said earlier. We had to work a little stretched out ours during those weeks. But seeing the output now, seeing how the reports are being used by every manager, I would say it really worth it because we all also build charts which can indicate the record and Posco bit having the variances. Yes, that's really or something. Now how it's being used? Yep,

What qualities does your team look for while hiring? What kind of questions does your team typically ask from candidates?

Summarized By: Jeff Musk on Sat Jul 25 2020
in my team. What we mostly do is dealing with data. It's not huge data. It's limited data, but very critical later. So mostly the operations manager and also the analysts. We work on excel for most of the time right now. So having ah full knowledge off the Microsoft suit is a must, because we do also give presentations on also send out documents very frequently. So the Saudis one of the main thing and also be look for knowledge in our because that's how we decide on metrics for protection and also how to start ahead with forecasting. And now that we're shifting into pipes and we're also looking for the that programming language, Andi other key tool is for visualization. Previously, we used to work in MicroStrategy, but now we're shipping to tableau 100%. So, yes, these are the major high level tunes that be my team looks for and coming to the soft skills. Talking to people interacting with them being ah, team player are one of the major things in my team. Yeah,

Can you discuss career accomplishment(s) that you feel good about? Please discuss the problem context, your solution, and the impact you made.

Summarized By: Jeff Musk on Sat Jul 25 2020
accomplishments. I am still working on my carrier, and I still think that I have lot achieved to say them accomplishments. But there are a couple of projects which I worked on when I was back in D. C s. So I was working for the income tax department. We were providing them program solutions for one of their tasks to so one of the major problem I would say we had was how to track each individual document throughout the system. Throughout the department. We know how important our tax documents will be. So I don't have that tool which helped all the officers to keep a track off each an individual document during the life cycle of the document because they it is quite necessary with whom the document is lying and if someone is requesting it, how quickly we can get it. So I developed a program for them of absolution for them actually to replace for the document or even to know where the document is based on the hierarchy level if they're allowed to. Yes, I would say this as one off my accomplishments because I was given a privilege to develop it from scratch and deploy it on. I've also seen that being used in the department. Yeah,

What is a future career path for professionals in your role? How long does it typically take to advance through various roles? How easy are such promotions to come by?

Summarized By: Jeff Musk on Sat Jul 25 2020
when we say a career, but it depends on what we definitely want to be. So when I came to us, the one thing I had in my mind was to be committed engineer because I wanted to deal with huge data and how to handle it. But now I am being a date and miss dealing with digital data, which is completely different. So your career part always keeps shifting business what you're concentrating on. I would definitely say that Andi, uh, the advancement also depends on the dedication you're able to give to your career. I mean, the amount of work, amount of time you're able to invest. It's not on a large scale level, even for each individual day. For me, I personally invest 2 to 3 hours just in my sequel programming rather than this is completely different from what I do in my day to day work, so have you develop your skills. Besides, your work life is also a key factor in how quickly you can advance in the carrier and coming to promotions. That also depends on the I would say, market scenarios and also the company's situation. But mostly the starting point would be how much you're able to dedicate yourselves. Yes,

How did the school prepare you for your career? Think about faculty, resources, alumni, exposure & networking. What were the best parts?

Based on experience at: Master's degree, Information Systems, University of Utah
Summarized By: Jeff Musk on Sat Jul 25 2020
I would say yes. My university play a very key role in my development because this that helped me in learning up one of the best internships I can think of having here soon after I joined the university. So I learned a lot of things, even from my faculty, even from my job, which I was doing and even interacting with the seniors helped me a lot to network here. Because that is one of the key aspects which gets you Oh, baby wannabe, which gets you to interact with the officials. I mean, I'm sorry interacted with the hiring team, right? So, yes, I would say it helped me. Ah, 110% for networking. And also with the professors. Oh, they didn't guide me to pick the right projects and big the right problems, which would make me outshine my other peers, which would help me bring out more of my skills. Yes, the one of the products were treated for ancestry that they'd help me. No interacting with the end I deem off ancestry. That is just when we started working as one of the keys care. Sorry. One of the projects in our career, sir. Curriculum. So yes, I would say university does play a very key role in networking

What three life lessons have you learned over your career? Please discuss the stories behind these lessons, if possible. Stories could be yours or observed.

Summarized By: Jeff Musk on Sat Jul 25 2020
I'm still here to figure that out because, as I said earlier, I'm still working on building my carrier. So I would say one of the key lessons are I can give you one best listen Oh, out of my internship, which I was working as FBI analyst intern in the investor Futa. So now when I look back and see, I believe I could have done a lot more during my internship period, because that was the first job I had in us, and I was typically used up to the attitude where my managers would be giving me some book and I would be working on that. That was the attitude with which I came here. But when you computer and you are exposed to a new working grown meant, you should actually learn that it is up to you to create your job and to promote the projects. But you can go going to your manager so that he can see the potential in you. It's not typically your manager comes and tells you what to do. It's up to you have to go to your manager and say that I am capable to do this and you should be the one to promote those things. That is one of the key outcome from my internship. If that is helpful to anybody else, I would be I would be really glad to say that. Um, yes, that is one of the key listens.

What starting job and internships would you recommend to students who hope to grow professionally like you? What other parting advice, dos, and don'ts would you give?

Summarized By: Jeff Musk on Sat Jul 25 2020
and coming to the jobs and interviews internships, I would say Definitely look for the jobs which, where you want to see yourself in the next five years have you can be there. Keep talking to the professionals who are already in that position so that they can guide you What other first starting steps that can get you to where you want to be. I would suggest that because the internship and jobs her is quite different for each career part. If you want to be a developer, it's best you work on that if you want to be on the list. If you want to be data engineer, you have different internship options and even the starting options. And don't get deviated. I'm people will have many options when they get here, but don't get deviated from where you're going to see yourselves. It's easy to be site cracked. Yep,