Recruiting Coordinator at Qualtrics

Honors Bachelor of Science (H.B.S.) From University of Utah - David Eccles School of Business
Provo, Utah Area


Recruiting Coordinator
• Source and recruit high-caliber candidates for the marketing and creative team• Develop a healthy pipeline of qualified candidates using LinkedIn Recruiter • Collect, organize, and review resumes and LinkedIn profiles to solicit the right combination of experience, education, and skills to fill a particular position• Edit job descriptions for opening positions and post them on job boards through Greenhouse • Manage the hiring process for numerous positions from sourcing to offer acceptance • Schedule multiple rounds of interviews for prospective candidates using Google Calendar• Coordinate all details of interviews including travel arrangements, agenda creation, resume preparation, and interviewer collaboration• Handle written and verbal communication with candidates and hiring managers on multiple teams throughout the interview process• Manage Applicant Tracking System (ATS) candidate records on Greenhouse• Create and run weekly reports to track sourcing, recruiting, and hiring targets• Develop, implement, and execute recruiting plans and strategies to fill current openings • Build strong relationships with marketing and creative leaders and serve as a partner before, during, and after the recruiting process• Maintain excellent time management and project management skills to optimize weekly, monthly, and quarterly results
September 2017 - Present
(2 Years and 10 Months)

University of Utah Technology & Venture Commercialization

Marketing Manager
Technology & Venture Commercialization, University of Utah• Grew and maintained the TVC Linkedin company page by showcasing the work of university inventors, technologies, news, publications, and TVC resources• Oversaw the production of the TVC annual report regarding conducting interviews with faculty inventors, writing articles, researching the technologies, and analyzing data on the number of disclosures, licensees, patents, spinouts, and grants • Built email campaigns using HTML and CSS on Dreamweaver to be utilized on a CRM software, Infusionsoft & email software, Acid to communicate to our stakeholders, promote our events, and release important announcements to our partners • Produced marketing collaterals by designing graphics for brochures, flyers, posters, reports, banners, ads, and cards to promote TVC and its resources • Built, coded, and maintained websites utilizing Dreamweaver, HTML, CSS, & WordPress: TVC | + SDC | + Lean Canvas | + EFS | • Tracked and analyzed website data using Google Analytics to understand each site and its users to evaluate performance better to produce suitable content • Published and maintained new technology disclosures on our TechPublisher website: to the general public • Photographed at all events to generate an archive for TVC to showcase our engagement and involvement with our stakeholders • Handled event logistics by setting up and testing microphones and audio/visual equipment at all event venues to ensure functionality • Managed a quarterly, ongoing event called TechTuesday where stakeholders come and network with the TVC team • Utilized a technology transfer software, Inteum to gather and analyze information on various invention disclosures, intellectual property and licensing agreements
May 2017 - August 2017
(4 Months)

University of Utah Technology & Venture Commercialization

Marketing Analyst
Technology & Venture Commercialization, University of Utah• Developed and documented marketing strategies to disclose new technologies and inventions to the public through different channels such as television, the radio, TechPublisher, LinkedIn, blogs, newspapers, press releases, In-Part, conferences, meetups, and trade shows• Created standard operation procedures for brainstorming, conducting brainstorm sessions, planning monthly webinars, blogging, writing press releases, marketing new technologies, conducting market research, and other processes using Adobe Indesign & Microsoft Word• Constructed presentation designs and templates that reflect the TVC's image using Microsoft PowerPoint • Generated creative content for TVC digital marketing platforms such as LinkedIn, TechPublisher, Facebook, Infusionsoft and Twitter to gain brand awareness • Designed and built the entire Software Development Center (SDC) website ( using WordPress using creativity• Led the planning process of webinars by arranging for guest speakers, finding a viable webinar platform, designing email campaigns, and involving the necessary parties to put on a successful webinar monthly • Managed and manipulated large sets of data metrics into valuable information on Microsoft Excel by visually representing them into graphs, charts, and pivot tables• Analyzed graphs, charts and pivot tables and writing short, concise explanations about what the visuals are representing • Collaborated with directors, managers, and other analysts on different projects and soliciting constructive feedback for improvement
August 2016 - May 2017
(10 Months)

University of Utah - David Eccles School of Business

Management Researcher
Department of Management, University of Utah• Replicated the research study "(Too) Optimistic About Optimism" design and methods by recreating and translating experiment 1A (Decision Phase), 1B(Decision Phase modified), and 2 (High v. Low Control) into Mandarin Chinese for Chinese participants to better understand the questions in the experiment.• Added additional measures such as the Life Orientation Test-Revised, Cultural Orientation Scale, and Magical Thinking questionnaire to test individual differences in the Chinese participants • Launched experiment using a platform called Qualtrics onto social media platforms such as Facebook, Weibo, WeChat, & QQ by enlisting the assistance of native Chinese speakers to distribute the experiment link.• Collected data and maintained confidentiality and autonomy of the Chinese participants • Cleaned, organized and analyzed data using Excel & SPSS to find patterns, relationships, and correlations • Created visual, graphical, verbal models to understand better whether the Chinese participants think optimism improves performance and whether optimism improves performance. • Recorded findings from the series of experiments and synthesize the results into useful information • Presented the research study at different conferences and symposiums such as "Research on Capitol Hill," "Utah Conference of Undergraduate Research," & "Undergraduate Research Symposium." • Published the research finding the the Undergraduate Research Journal and other journals • Wrote 64-page paper, "The Belief that Optimism Improves Performance in China" (Honors Thesis) to record findings for submission to the Honors CollegeThe research project will explore whether the Chinese believe that optimism will lead to better performance as well as whether optimism leads to better performance in the Chinese culture.
August 2016 - April 2017
(9 Months)

University of Utah - David Eccles School of Business

Marketing & Communications Assistant
David Eccles School of Business, University of Utah• Built and edited the Eccles School websites ( using WordPress and manipulating HTML to create a highly user-friendly platform for students• Wrote for two blog series I developed called "Eccles School International Business Etiquette Series" and "Motivation Monday" to teach students how to do business in different countries as well as motivate and share business advice• Created spontaneous blog posts on various topics such as recapping events that happen at the Eccles School, sharing career advice, or describing different business lessons • Took photos to share on Instagram, Facebook, & the Eccles directory and managed Snap-chat to showcase the Eccles Experience• Optimized SEO on websites and inputting tags, slugs, meta descriptions, alt. tag and categories for search engines to better recognize the Eccles School • Used Google Analytics to create graphical models to present the information in Microsoft Excel & Powerpoint• Proofread and edited marketing items such as the Eccles School websites, brochures, pamphlet, and fliers • Communicated effectively and efficiently with the M+C team through a platform called Slack and in face-to-face meetings weekly to ensure prompt deadlines
August 2016 - January 2017
(6 Months)


Executive Team Lead
• Led with respect, empathy, confidence, and courage as well as collaborated and worked as one team through my personalized interactions with over 100 team members & team leaders• Learned how different departments such as logistics, human resources, assets protections, sales-floor, and guest experience work together to drive sales and profitability for the company• Modeled and drove sales and service culture to deliver an exceptional guest experience • Evaluated Target's performance through data metrics and financials models • Identified the causes of major problems at Target and developed and implemented action plans to achieve performance goals• Took the initiative to learn how to be a Target leader by seeking out opportunities for growth and development• Worked with store and team leaders every day to set goals and expectations and followed up with store leaders and team to met goals and acheive expectations • Provided new ideas and recommended solutions to business or team opportunities
June 2016 - August 2016
(3 Months)

Blomquist Hale Employee Assistance

Marketing & Communications Manager
• Created over 200 social media posts for Google+, Facebook, & Twitter for the months of March to October using HootSuite as the social media platform to create brand awareness and attract potential clients• Analyzed data metrics on HootSuite to improve user engagements as well as addressed clients' problems and concerns on social media • Produced core marketing flyers for upcoming workshops, newsletters for educating our clients on relevant topics, brochures for tabling events, and proposals and contracts for potential clients using Adobe Indesign & Adobe Photoshop• Produced 10+ Powerpoint presentations using the Blomquist Hale style and font guidelines for our therapists and various presenters• Created email campaigns using MailChimp to share newsletters, important updates, upcoming workshop information with our clients• Managed BH website ( using FileZilla, HTML, and CSS in order to make it more user-friendly and easily accessible to our target market
November 2015 - July 2016
(9 Months)


Client Services Representative
• Managed and monitored 15 assigned client proactively post-contract execution to build professional relationships• Developed relationships with 15 key decision-makers and maintained communication through outbound calls and emails• Utilized pharmacy-related proprietary software & trained 35 new clients on updating patient profiles and submitting orders• Received approximately 50 inbound calls daily from clients and provided top notch customer service to their problems • Conducted market research on the competitors by calling 80+ pharmacies in different states to see if they were in the hospice business • Generated 5-10 sales leads by calling 60+ hospice and home care facilities per day across the United States to spike interest in buying the pharmacy proprietary software to order hospice medications
May 2015 - October 2015
(6 Months)

Utah Valley University

Academic Tutor
Utah’s Statewide Gear Up Education Program: East High School• Counseled 40 students about higher education by giving them exposure to college through college prep and campus tours• Tutored 5 students effectively in the core curriculum which includes math, English, social sciences, and sciences on a daily basis• Enabled students to be proactive on their assignments• Provided workshops related to resume building, cover letter writing, ACT prep, etc.
August 2013 - May 2015
(1 year and 10 Months)

University of Utah - David Eccles School of Business

Management with an emphasis in Organizational Leadership
Honors Bachelor of Science (H.B.S.)
University of Utah | David Eccles School of Business | Department of Management Graduated in Spring 2017Graduate | 3.9 GPA | Cum Laude• DESB Opportunity Scholar Program, Business Scholars Program. Women in Business• International Business Club, Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute: Innovation Scholar Program• Honors Entrepreneur Scholar, Honors Community Leadership Scholar, Honors Social Justice Scholar•The Network for First-Generation College students, Smart Start Networking Program• Society for Human Resource Management•Business Conference 2014, Business Conference 2015, Business Conference 2016, Business Conference 2017

University of Utah - David Eccles School of Business

Bachelor of Science (B.S.)
University of Utah | David Eccles School of Business | Department of MarketingGraduated in Spring 2017Graduate | 3.9 GPA | Cum Laude

University of Utah

Chinese Language and Literature
Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)
University of Utah | College of Humanities | Department of World Languages and LiteratureGraduated in Spring 2017Graduate | 3.9 GPA | Cum Laude•United Chinese Club•Chinese Scholars and Students Association at the University of Utah•Hinckley Institute at the University of Utah - Hinckley Forums

University of Utah

International Studies with an emphasis in Asian Studies
Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)
University of Utah | College of Humanities | International Studies ProgramGraduated in Spring 2017Graduate | 3.9 GPA | Cum Laude•International Student and Scholar Services: Language and Cultural Exchange Program•Kaplan Global Pathways Services for International Students•International Student and Scholar Services: Ambassador Program•International Student and Scholar Services: iMentor Program

Nankai University

Chinese Language and Culture
Nankai University | College of Chinese Language and Culture• Learning Abroad Intensive Language Program• May 20, 2013 to June 28, 2013• 4.0 GPA