CTO at RealNetworks (RealArcade)

B.Sc. From King's College London
Stevenson Ranch, California

RealNetworks (RealArcade)

SAFR - exec sponsor for AI in RealNetworks - 'the best live video facial recognition system,' based on NIST results - Computer Vision, Face & Object Recognition, high-speed, low-bias, in-camera AI - Public health and safety, Automotive, Retail Analytics, Smart Cities, Secure Access, SecurityRealMedia - P&L and technical management of China OEM Business - RealMediaHD codec outperforms H.264 and H.265 and decodes 4K video on a mobile processor - CODEC, Streaming, Live, low-latency, P2P, Blockchain, drives CDN efficiencies for OTTsKontxt - AI / NLP enhanced message platform, anti-spam, anti-smishing, message classifier … see more
April 2016 - Present
(4 Years and 7 Months)

Kwaai Oak - CTO-as-a-Service™

CTO-as-a-Service™Technical consulting in digital entertainment platforms leveraging a track record of award-winning products and services. Kwaai Oak engineers have delivered the tech smarts behind 20 startups. Including:• DIRECTV - systems architecture arising from AT&T / DirecTV synergies and integration• CBS - solution architecture to migrate post-production infrastructure to the cloud• Panasonic - real-time ad targeting through facial recognition - demo CES 2015• Second Sight – Bionic Eye IPO 2014• Widevine – security, DRM, streaming innovators sold to Google 2010• Music Mastermind – music creation platform, raised $48M• Lightworks – Technical Oscar and Technical EMMY winning product• Gathr Films – pioneer in the crowd-sourced cinema• ViziV (Streaming Appliances) - video pre-codec optimization won Plug and Play 2015• Incroud - Direct to fan platform, white-labelled Radio App, advertising platform• Ford Model Agencyamounting to a $1B in wealth creation.Kwaai Oak are experts in mobile and cloud engineering having built digital media platforms for many entertainment brands.Ask us how our CTO-as-a-Service™ can bring a highly mature development process to your business.Ask us how HyperElasticity™ can help you identify and recover lost revenue in your e-commerce platform. … see more
October 2008 - April 2016
(7 Years and 7 Months)

Zya (acquired by Google)

Check out the Ditty app from Zya! Ditty 2.0 adds video.Zya raised $49Mo Exec: Guided founders in realizing their vision to bring music making to the masses.o Architect: conceived of a 'recording studio in the cloud'​. Conducted a 'build or buy'​ analysis to focus the start-up's resources on unique tech. Built a hybrid cloud based on the zCloud specification that is capable of delivering entertainment at fractions of a penny per MAU. Tech stack included: Unity (.Net) frontend mobile, web, and desktop clients, Java (Spring) back-end. C/C++ audio signal processing service. o Inventor: lead innovation of a portfolio of patented inventions in music theory, signal processing, and caching.o Manager: built and mentored a rock star team of local and offshore developers and lead them through a series of sprints - each funding proof-points for the company. … see more
January 2008 - October 2012
(4 Years and 10 Months)

Widevine Technologies (acquired by Google)

Chief Engineer, VP Product Development
SOLD TO GOOGLEGuided founders of start-up in mission statement, team building, and establishing dominance in downloadable content security. WV raised $65M investment. Hailed as "Top 100 Company" -Red Herring magazineInnovated IP: Four patents granted, numerous pending.Architected "Cypher" CA / DRM system for IPTV. Significantly contributed to code . "Most widely deployed DRM for IPTV." -ABI ResearchDirected "Mensor VOD" forensic watermarker of VOD content - awarded "Best Content Protection Product of the Year" -Cable and Satellite @IBC06.Managed development and operation of hosted anti-piracy application. The Mensor service used P2P crawling and video fingerprinting technology to patrol file-sharing networks for evidence of piracy. Service brought first significant revenue for Widevine. Won contracts from Fox and WB. Data was used in successful MGM vs Grokster, Kazaa lawsuit.Start-up of Software Department. Established process, tools and metrics for a distributed development team. … see more
February 2000 - December 2008
(8 Years and 11 Months)

Second Sight Medical Products

Director of Software
IPO 2014 Developed requirements for visual processing unit (VPU) of retinal implant.Built team to develop software to support hardware proto-typing and clinical trialsDesigned OBEX - object exchange API for interface between PC application and VPU embedded software.Leveraged previous experience on cochlear implant project to help guide design of VPU.Patent granted for Visual Acuity invention … see more
January 1999 - July 2000
(1 year and 7 Months)

Skymicro, Inc.

Developed an OEM business for high end video capture board.Skymicro’s Merlin board OEM’d by SGI and MLB among others.Architect and author of Agent API SDK for Merlin family.
April 1999 - January 2000
(10 Months)


Sold to AutoDeskC/C++ programmer, MFCAdded Tektronix Profile support to Edit* NLEAdded Asset Management web application to make NLE content browsible across InternetConsulted on Sony 9-pin support of various VTRs and DDRs … see more
January 1996 - December 1999
(3 Years and 12 Months)

Pioneer Hi-bred

Consultant - Project Manager
Sold to DuPontProject manager for ~20 developers in a distributed team.Requirement analysis, project planning, budget analysis, and formal inspection for decision optimization application using agronomy model.C++, VB, SQL, Fortran … see more
August 1998 - June 1999
(11 Months)

Tribune Media Services

Consultant on Zap2It project.Requirement analysis of electronic program guide (EPG) application.Research digital distribution technologies for EPG data including satellite and Internet."Build or Buy" analysis of EPG applicationTechnical due diligence on "Buy" candidates. … see more
September 1998 - March 1999
(7 Months)

Advanced Bionics

Consultant - Software Architect
Requirement Analysis and structured analysis of Speech Processing Unit (SPU)Design of protocol for communication between SPU and cochlear implant.Design of compressed code overlay link loader for DSP. … see more
January 1998 - December 1998
(12 Months)


Project Manager
Project manager for "Concerto" desktop special effects compositor.Developer of ActiveX OCX modules written in C++ - so portable that the code was largely re-used in todays Chyron products. - Added dropframe timecode support - Added PAL support - Created Motion Blur OCX - Created Chromokey OCX - Added audio mixing OCX … see more
September 1997 - December 1998
(1 year and 4 Months)

Tribune Broadcasting

Software Architect for DISC "Digital Infrastructure for Sharing Content" project. Requirement analysis for asset management and repurposing across all media properties of the Tribune Group.Developed RFP for DISC and managed review of bids.Developed DISC proto-type to demostrate proof of concept.Architect of Tribune Tower Fourth Floor (TT4) project - multiple NLE workstations sharing content and publishing on web. … see more
March 1997 - March 1998
(1 year and 1 month)

Micropolis Video Systems Division / StreamLogic

Chief Engineer, AV Editing Products
Department start-up: Video Systems DivisionProject manager for video disk recorder (VDR) prototype.Project manager for $30M VDR collaboration with Philips BTS - 30 H/W and S/W engineers. Invented Super AV code for intelligent caching on hard drive - Patent granted. … see more
February 1994 - May 1997
(3 Years and 4 Months)

Private Writing

"District Six - Lest We Forget" (editor)"The Valley Awakes" (editor)"Good Hope" film screenplay author"Blood on The Vine" TV mini-series screenplay (editor)
Not available

Lightworks Editing Systems

Technical Manager
Contributed to revolutionary start-up that was sold to Tektronix for $75M in 1995.Managed software and hardware development of OSCAR winning Lightworks non-linear editor (NLE)Supported sales in winning strategic contracts including ABC, BBC and Granada TV.Developed Audio DSP code including support for variable play speed, 4 channel mixing and FIR filtering.Developed realtime sub-system in C++.Developed timecode support in C++ and DSP.Developed edit decision list support in C++. … see more
July 1991 - October 1993
(2 Years and 4 Months)


Senior Software Engineer
Crosfield Electronics invented the digital scanner. Team Leader MAMBA color retouch / paint systemDesigned image processing features for video display hardware - patent grantedDesigned graphics engine with 1280-bit instruction word! … see more
December 1986 - July 1991
(4 Years and 8 Months)