Growth Marketing & SEO Consultant, SEO / SEM Expert Witness, SEO Technical Professional at

Master of Business Administration (MBA) Candidate From Colorado State University
San Jose, California

Growth Marketing & SEO Consultant, SEO / SEM Expert Witness, SEO Technical Professional
Growth Hacker, SEO & SEM consultant for all size businesses from SMBs to large International Fortune 500 companies. Completed technical SEO & SEM audits, with improvement recommendations and implementations.Audited over 3,500 websites from Panda to Penguin and every other Google update for SEO and SEM. As in most contracts, I cannot divulge my clients but I tell you what I worked on. Project Management for many websites from a complete rebuild to a rebrand and algorithmic corrections to fall within Google guidelines. Overhauled and optimized CMS site conversions from one CMS to another. On every website, I have enabled on-page optimization, landing page optimization and set a solid competitive & strategic plan after a thorough and thoughtful analysis of each website using a solid knowledge of SEO principals. Using keyword research and other methodologies that I have honed over time I have taken many billion-dollar, Million dollar and all the way down to tiny SMB's to the next level. I have built many business marketing plans for companies to lead to solid revenue benchmarks and growth.I have worked with domestic and international Search Engines, Social Media, Internet Marketing, Local Online Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Marketing Websites, Online Marketing, Website Marketing, and Website Strategy across a broad and narrow spectrum. Lately, working with hacked, phishing, and websites that were penalized with either un-natural inbound or outbound links. Hacked websites pose a whole new series of issues that need a solid understanding of SEO principals to correct the damage and lead the site out of the danger it was put into. … see more
March 2008 - Present
(12 Years and 7 Months)


Board Member - Founder
Bay Area Search is a new SEO association in San Francisco where SEOs from top technology companies come together to share their ideas.
January 2018 - Present
(2 Years and 9 Months)

For The Win Racing Inc

Director of Event Operations
501(3)c - Non Profit where we organize, plan, promote and effectively and do just about everything for endurance sporting events ranging from 5K runs to 100 mile bicycle century rides. Front Runner Century is held the first Saturday of May each year. This event has grown very well since I founded the nonprofit in 2011 and continues to grow under my leadership. 6,253 people have participated in the Front Runner Century since 2011. 2019 - 1,100 riders, event sold out2018 - 1,000 riders, event sold out2017 - 865 riders2016 - 801 riders2015 - 705 riders2014 - 602 riders2013 - 475 riders2012 - 275 riders in Spring, 210 riders in Aug*2011 - 220 riders*August 2012 was the only year we decided to do a Summer ride.- For The Win Racing Inc. is a Veteran owned non-profit.- EIN: 27-3746378- Utah Non-Profit Tax Number: 13972963-003-STC … see more
January 2011 - Present
(9 Years and 9 Months)

Advance Auto Parts

Director of SEO
Director of SEO - Building a team of talented SEOs. Led SEO channel, responsible for 1% of entire company revenue.
April 2019 - June 2019
(3 Months)


Search Product Expert - Volunteer
Top Contributor, contributing to over 10,000+ questions in Google Search & Google Webmaster Forums. Launched +HelpDeskHangouts On Air with 3 other TCs to help users with their questions about search and webmaster related issues, hosted every Friday and broadcasted on YouTube.• Communicate to users on how to fix issues with Search and SEO nationally and internationally• Teaching and keeping up-to-date on industry trends and how to apply best practices• Manage SEO Technical Community on Google+ with over 3,000 members• Google Evangelist• Google Analytics Certified• SEO Evangelist … see more
January 2011 - June 2019
(8 Years and 6 Months)


Senior SEO Manager -
Director of all global Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts for & responsible for increasing SEO channel revenue 448.75% from Jan 2016 through December 2018. Increased traffic 100% YoY in '17. Made the company profitable for the first time in Q1 history in '17. Scaled from 13 points of sale up to 36 international points of sale on subfolders, growing Viator from 133k pages to 4+ million pages. Completing 13 very large site migrations in less than 3 months. Led all SEO tooling efforts at Viator as well to increase traffic. Implemented call tracking and handled all SEM & Display engineering efforts. Implemented everything from a 404 page to proper analytics and a SEO MOD testing platform. If you can name it, I did it or was responsible for implementating the work. Responsible for rewriting the entire code base for SEO functionality. Led a super talented international team of 10 engineers and SEOs. Growing SEO traffic through various methods. Responsible for over 100,000 tours in every geolocation on the planet to help users take the greatest adventures and experiences in their lives, and to help tour operators sell their tours to those users through Viator's SEO efforts. Increased crawl budget over 5,100% from Jan 2016 through February '19. Owned the P&L and worked with finance and accounting to set an SEO course for success.Rebuilt the SEO program from the inside out utilizing deep project management skills to navigate all of the work with stakeholders. Some of the projects I have led have been very large in nature on this site to include a total rebuild of the entire site architecture, call traffic integration, analytics, new points of sale and new points of sale on subfolders. Working across many stakeholders to accomplish the bigger picture for advancing SEO efforts for sustained long term growth. … see more
June 2018 - March 2019
(10 Months)


SEO Strategist -
January 2016 - June 2018
(2 Years and 6 Months)

Crimson Marketing

SEO Director - Technical SEO Expert
Technical SEO expert and strategist working with companies of all facets to increase revenue, traffic, leads, and users.
April 2015 - December 2015
(9 Months)

Utah Rider Education

Motorcycle Safety Instructor
Coaching classes of 6-10 people how to ride motorcycles in a safe and efficient manner on a controlled range as well in a classroom setting.
April 2009 - July 2014
(5 Years and 4 Months)

Wanderful Media

SEO Director
Drive all SEO efforts and shape UX for SEO for 450+ nationwide sub-domains utilizing Product, Analytics, and Marketing and best of all, great people. This is a play on the nation's top newspapers in each DMA. All sites use an infinite load which for SEO can be a hurdle. I figured out how to overcome this issue to get almost 500,000,000 pages indexed in Google. … see more
February 2013 - May 2014
(1 year and 3 Months)


SEO Director - Contract
Managed over 200 national and international country-specific websites for an MLM company. Redesigned both and for UX and SEO. Pitched a custom blog network to leverage 45,000 distributors to have micro internal sites and create content for both main sites.• Aligned PPC account with SEO guidelines• Consolidated subdomains from the Google Index that were dragging the site down in rankings• Corrected 199 Google Analytics and Webmaster accounts• Corrected over 100 blog posts for style and SEO guidelines• Corrected over 15,000 404 & 403 errors• Corrected the CMS to allow for SEO• Created Google Analytics Goals to help drive Founders online marketing plan• Set up a Reputation Management Campaign to combat negative postings for brand name• Trained the HR team how to post for SEO and redesigned their CMS to allow for them to do so … see more
October 2012 - January 2013
(4 Months)

R.S. Hughes Co., Inc.

SEO Manager
Manage 200,000+ page website in 12 verticals. Leading SEO & PPC effortsto maximize verticals. Develop long and short term SEO strategies that integrate and drive both company and product level branding. • Analyze Analytical data to determine results and actionable takeaways to enhance the site with current SEO tactics• Awareness of current SEO industry trends with daily interaction with engineering• Implement SEO audits and summarize/present findings to senior leadership• Implement SEO strategies, both on-site and off-site for internal and external optimization• Optimize local search results for over 44 locations in the US• Oversee SEO training of all team members• Present advanced SEO strategies to the VP and CEO• Provide keyword analysis, maintain a master list of target keywords and taught the keyword strategy to SEM team & VP• Structured the entire Social Media policy while at R.S. Hughes for over 400 employees … see more
January 2012 - October 2012
(10 Months)

SEO Manager & Auditor
Managed over 20 high profile clients for Managed over $65,000 in monthly SEO revenue each month. Had the highest performing team overall with rankings and traffic for clients. I always put the clients first and that is what matters most, the clients. … see more
March 2011 - December 2011
(10 Months)


SEO Manager & Auditor
Managed and audited over 800 client accounts. Worked with clients on a daily basis to conduct their campaign in an effective manner to yield the highest results. I also worked with PPC to coordinate what the client expectations were. Ran the company blog and have a solid knowledge of WordPress. Great company that is doing amazing things for small business SEO. … see more
October 2010 - March 2011
(6 Months)

The Company

SEO, SEM & everything else
Responsible for all website facets of internet marketing. Built a Social Media Following of over 25K. Increased revenue over 400% through various social media, SEO & SEM campaigns. Built the website from scratch.
October 2008 - July 2010
(1 year and 10 Months)

US Navy

Air Traffic Controller
AC2(AW/SW) - supervised over 30 highly qualified people in a stressful environment onboard a US Naval Ship in Japan and at NAF El Centro. Managed over 100,000 aircraft operations yearly. Increased training productivity that led to 15 personnel being promoted. Effective training facilitator trained over 1000 people in safety for over 6 years. Managed budget of $550,000 and implementing the coordination of training for over 2000 Navy personnel from 2001-03. I entered the Navy as an E1 and departed as I obtained the rank of E6. I made rank each time I was up for it, this is an arduous task to obtain. I was able to attain rank by spending vast amounts of time studying and focusing on my job.- Air Warfare Specialist for cross-training in aviation equipment- Surface Warfare Specialist for cross-training in surface ships- (Physical) Access Control Procedures- Automotive Environmental and Safety Regulations- Cargo Handling- Communication System Design- Crisis Intervention Techniques- Customer Support/Service- Electronic Data Security- Logistics Support- Message Processing Procedures- Message Traffic Analysis- Operational System Testing/Evaluation- Process Analysis and Improvement- Project/Program Management- Risk Management- Schedule/Itinerary Planning- Shipment/Transportation Planning … see more
September 1999 - July 2006
(6 Years and 11 Months)

Colorado State University

Master of Business Administration (MBA) Candidate
Master of Business Administration (MBA) - Marketing Emphasis

University of Utah

Sport Management, Internet Marketing
Sport Management
Completed five year degree in three years. Completed 18-21 credits per semester to finish my degree while participating in Bobsled and Skeleton at the same time and holding down a part-time job.

U.S. Navy

Air Traffic Controller
Air Traffic Control "A" School
Control air traffic on and within vicinity of airport and movement of air traffic between altitude sectors and control centers according to established procedures and policies. Authorize, regulate, and control commercial airline flights according to government or company regulations to expedite and ensure flight safety.

Palm Springs High School

General Studies
I finished High School, literally if you just show up, they give you a diploma. Life is 90% just showing up on time.