Managing Partner and Co-Founder at Beacon Data, Inc.

Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) From Babson College - Franklin W. Olin Graduate School of Business
Darien, Connecticut

Beacon Data, Inc.

Managing Partner and Co-Founder
ABOUT BEACON DATAThe size of company data continues to grow exponentially, and it contains untapped value. Despite dramatic advances in parallel computing and cloud storage, most companies struggle to unlock the potential of their data on their own. Beacon Data acts as a guiding light to these companies, providing powerful machine learning tools and systems to unlock their data’s value.HOW WE ENGAGEAgile team of data specialists with data engineering and AI / ML expertise in business use cases. Team of former operators who dive into the trenches, while keeping the big picture front and center. Anti-black box value and efficiency hunters. At Beacon, we believe your data is like un-mined gold in land you already own. Companies that structure their data and invest in A.I. capabilities are able to mine their data to create new revenue streams, reduce customer churn, and maximize profit per customer. Team comprised of top 2% (Kaggle) world-wide ranked data scientists, full stack developers, experienced data engineers / architects, and PhDs that specialize not in "academia" but in helping you crack the code of your business!We are Beacon Data. Less artificial. More intelligent … see more
May 2018 - Present
(2 Years and 4 Months)

Cecelia New York LLC

Brand development: Developed brand strategy and statistics systems.Forecasting: Created three year pro forma and sales projectionsStrategic Consulting: including business plan & sales strategy development. … see more
February 2014 - Present
(6 Years and 7 Months)

BlueStreak Sports Training

Advisor To The President and Owner
October 2017 - Present
(2 Years and 11 Months)

BlueStreak Sports Training

BlueStreak Sports Training has become the standard for sports specific strength and conditioning in the tri-state area. A proud member of of Athletic Republic, BlueStreak’s high performance sports science based facilities have become a place where athletes of all ages and skill levels go to push their limits and take there game to the next level. Our underlying mission is to tip the scales of your sport in your favor. Whether it's adding 4 inches of height to your vertical jump or decreasing your 40-yard dash by 0.2 seconds, if there is an advantage to be had, we're the ones to find it. We know how to develop competitive athletes. Using state-of-the-art performance testing tools with synchronized video to document progress, we've tested, studied and perfected our training programs so you gain the ability to improve your play and the confidence to win. Every individualized program is based on fundamental, personal test data from a preliminary evaluation that identifies your strengths and targets your weaknesses. Our proven methods safely push you past your limits - increasing the competitive skills required to be a champion: Speed, First-step Quickness, Explosive Power, Lateral Movement Skills, Dynamic Stability and Overall Athletic Conditioning. … see more
December 2005 - October 2017
(11 Years and 11 Months)

Athletic Republic

Senior Business Consultant and Advisary Board Member
Advisory Council Member: March 2008-Present -Monthly Board Meeting -Business Development committee chair -Customer Service committee member -Plan and execute Annual Facility Conference -Present at annual conference on a variety of different topicsExecutive Business Consultant: December 2013-Present-Strategic Adviser to CEO: Development of best practices for Franchisees and the Franchise business model.-Strategic Consulting, including business plan & sales strategy development. -New Business Development:Franchise sales and developing proven processes to drive in center revenue.-Lead and develop new franchise prospects through the sales funnel-On boarding of new Franchise locations and owners: Help develop realistic five year proforma, operations best practices,staff development, provide hands on staff training, sales planing, marketing, and business development. … see more
March 2008 - Present
(12 Years and 6 Months)

Zenabi Data

Business Development and COO
Zenabi works to make Big Data work for you - we find patterns in behavior to present the best and most valuable media to captivate the targeted audience. Our topnotch analysts are ready to help you find simple solutions that can boost profitability, increase competitive advantage, and maintain your security. Our Speciality: -Data Capital: Harnessing machine-learning science and advanced analytics Zenabi is able to produce bottom line value and growth.-Launching your Platform: We don’t just provide you with the strategy to manage your data, we launch the technology to make it happen.-ROI Enablers-Enablers are award winning packaged solutions for specific industry problems, delivered as-a-service.-Fully Integrated Solution: We generate the full value proposition from the signal finding -> creating value-> engineering the platform -> deploying to market.Zenabi key process steps in our projects:1. Idea->Identifying Targets.2. Design->Developing Scalable Models.3. Development->Developing Technology that Integrates in your Ecosystem Seamlessly.4. Deployment->Deploying the Product and Getting Real Results. Turning Data into DollarsWe have enabled companies in: eCommerce, Finance, Travel, Marketing, Technology, Manufacturing, Operations & Design. … see more
April 2015 - May 2018
(3 Years and 2 Months)


Vice President of Business Development
Crowdwyse is a fast, simple and beautiful way to receive insight from your friends and family.Search for anything and instantly see reviews from your friends. Add reviews to help others. You can even share on Facebook. It's a new way to search and make decisions based on the trusted opinions of friends and family. A personal wisdom of crowds in the palm of your hand. … see more
December 2014 - December 2015
(1 year and 1 month)

Babson College - Franklin W. Olin Graduate School of Business

Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.)
Babson's Olin School of Management MBA program has been ranked number one in the country for entrepreneurship for 20 consecutive years by U.S. News & World Report, as well as by the Princeton Review, and Financial Times.

Fordham University

Business Administration: Double major in Management and Marketing

University of Utah

Business Administration and Management, General