Founder, Creative Chief at DIGO Brands

Industrial & Labor Relations From Cornell University
New York, New York

DIGO Brands

Founder, Creative Chief
June 2020 - Present
(5 Months)
December 2016 - Present
(3 Years and 10 Months)

DIGO Brands

DiMassimo Goldstein (DiGo) is trusted by sophisticated marketers and committed change agents to understand complex situations quickly and to bring forward highly-effective creative solutions. DiGo is brand planners, designers, writers, marketers, data storytellers, technologists, social and digital media experts, project managers, producers, artists and brand leaders – all of them change agents. Our clients, from start-ups to blue chips, have built legendary brands that inspire action.Right now, we're focused on building the first integrated agency for the age of AI. Using behavior change marketing to grow brands and businesses that help people make more inspiring decisions and form more empowering habits. Slaying the dragon of manipulation every day with the sword of inspiration. … see more
January 2015 - June 2020
(5 Years and 6 Months)

DIGO Brands

CEO, Chief Creative Officer
DiMassimo Goldstein is an inspiring action agency. As the direct and digital revolutions have disrupted industry after industry, DiMassimo Goldstein has been able to form lasting relationships with key challengers in each space, helping these companies test into a much more effective creative and efficient media mixes to dramatically accelerate growth. DiMassimo Goldstein works comfortably in complex and highly regulated categories such as finance and healthcare, and is recognized for simplifying complex propositions and bringing highly regarded creative solutions to categories that often seem to defy them. Health, wealth, fitness, education, entrepreneurship, personal growth, e-commerce, e-services, flow activities such as trading, gaming and collecting, helping emerging, innovative digital/direct platforms “cross the chasm” from early adopters to a larger market have been core categories. … see more
May 1996 - January 2015
(18 Years and 9 Months)

Partnership to End Addiction

Chair, Creative Development Board
The largest public service advertising campaign ever. The most important behavior change issue facing our nation today. Recruiting and chairing the team that will develop the creative to help parents fight and win. Partnership > Opioids. We will prove it.
January 2018 - Present
(2 Years and 10 Months)

Partnership to End Addiction

Creative Review Committee Member
Leading the single largest public service advertising campaign ever, with some of the top creative leaders of our industry. Review, edit and approve most of our nation's anti-drug abuse advertising.
January 1996 - December 2017
(21 Years and 12 Months)

The School of Visual Arts

Leading this advertising portfolio course for Juniors and Seniors: Advertising - The Real World -- People often say, "Just wait until you get out in the real world." Why wait? Gain experience in the creative department of a thriving, creative advertising and design agency. Meet and work with creative directors, copywriters, designers, art directors, planners, account managers, media people, producers and even clients. Solve real-world problems for real-life clients. Work under tight deadlines. Work on more than one problem simultaneously. Work with incomplete and contradictory information. Compete for business. Pitch to a real client. Send back a brief for a rewrite. Lead question-and-answer sessions with the pros. Find out what it's really like inside the pressure-cooker of a working agency. And, most of all, learn how to create winning work despite all the challenges. … see more
September 2012 - Present
(8 Years and 2 Months)

Rare Conservation

Rare is a global social marketing organization, a Fast Company top social entrepreneur several years running, that is building and inspiring communities for conservation in the most precious and threatened places on earth. Good intentions aren't enough. Until a community is inspired to act, nothing happens. Leading global conservation organizations rely on Rare for significant, measurable and sustainable change. Think of them as the hip, worldly descendants of Smokey the Bear.Mark was honored to serve of the Board of Trustees of this not for profit organization for six years. He remains a fierce advocate of this world-changing … see more
January 2006 - June 2012
(6 Years and 6 Months)


Tappening aimed to promote tap water consumption over less healthy, more wasteful single-use bottled water consumption. Our first products are reusable bottles with messages such as "Think Global. Drink Local."We viewed Tappening as a movement and the brand as a tool for building the movement. Tappening is one of the hottest products of 2008, according to Good Morning America, trend spotter Jane Buckingham, and others.After reversing a 20-year trend of bottled water sales growth, we declared victory and retired the Tappening brand. … see more
November 2007 - May 2009
(1 year and 7 Months)

Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal + Partners

Creative Director
Best job I ever had. Reporting to Richard Kirshenbaum, surrounded by brilliant, competitive, hyper-creative people. Working with successful clients, some truly visionary marketers. Working side-by-side with great brand planners, relearning the art of brand-building from the inside out. Getting to hire the cream of each year's crop from the portfolio schools. presenting our best work every time, and -- best of all -- telling the truth as we saw it, every day. Good times. Good times. … see more
January 1993 - May 1996
(3 Years and 5 Months)

Kirshenbaum Bond + Partners / kbp, kb+p

VP, Creative Director
Freelancer, ACD, CD, VP, Team Leader, Jr. Partner. As leader of the Integrated Creative Group, build a team that ultimately comprised more than half the agency as the company itself doubled in size and then doubled again. Worked closely with Roger Ailes as CNBC, Leslie Doty and other great clients at Citibank, Apple and American Airlines, Moet & Chandon, Dom Perignon, Wines of Spain, Ruffino, Snapple, Coach, Quick & Reilly, Chase, GE Capital and many more. Worked with young creative talent that went on to be come the top directors and creative leader in the business. Good times. … see more
January 1993 - January 1996
(3 Years and 1 month)

J. Walter Thompson

VP, Associate Creative Dirctor
Worked to the cream of the crop of JWT and JWT Direct integrated businesses. Loved working directly with Chairman Burt Manning on Dale Carnegie & Associates and the U.S. Marines. Met and worked with some good people who were mostly stymied by mind-numbing bureaucracy...or just hiding. Broke me of my bigness addiction.
January 1991 - January 1993
(2 Years and 1 month)

Chapman Direct

VP, Associate Creative Director
January 1989 - January 1992
(3 Years and 1 month)

Chapman Direct Advertising/ Young and Rubicam

Copywriter, Creative Supervisior
Launched the number one credit card in the United States. The Wall Street Journal headline read, "Success Overwhelms AT&T." Launched the first global calling plan, AT&T Reach Out World. Launched the beer industry's first loyalty program, the Miller Time Card. (Wanted to say, "Launched the Beer Industry's First Loyalty Program - BEER!") Built brands, beat controls, won and kept customers, interviewed thousands, hired nearly a hundred. Learned to integrate direct response and brand advertising. Good times. … see more
January 1988 - January 1992
(4 Years and 1 month)

BBDO I Proximity

Assistant Account Executive/Copywriter
January 1986 - January 1987
(1 year and 1 month)

Cornell University

Industrial & Labor Relations

Yale School of Management

Behavioral Economics
An interactive intensive immersion into principles and findings of behavioral economics and behavioral science with the goal of rethinking marketing and insights in light of these principles. An emphasis on building the experimental organization, developing hypotheses and tests, and failure as the path to faster progress, better results and surer growth.

Purchase College, SUNY

Political Science
A public jewel, Purchase College combines a world-class arts conservatory with a challenging academic liberal arts college, and the most culturally sophisticated student body of any of the three undergraduate schools I attended. Decades ahead in so many things. Opened my upstate eyes hundreds of times over.