Founding Partner at Four Score Holdings, LLC

Charlton, Massachusetts, United States
October 2017 - Present
(3 Years and 1 month)

Acreage Holdings

Director of Manufacturing Facilities
July 2019 - March 2020
(9 Months)

Fuss & O'Neill

Cannabis Industry Business Development
My Business Development focus over the past year has been within the Medical Cannabis Industry. The consulting services required by Cannabis Production Facilities, Processors, Dispensaries and their ongoing compliance, expansion, maintenance and support touch nearly every discipline in our offerings. We have a deep roster of in-house technical staff performing work in the Design Build, MEP Engineering, Compliance, Environmental Health & Safety, Civil Engineering and Manufacturing sectors. Leverage our Design, Construction, Planning and Compliance experience to design, build, or improve your production facility. … see more
June 2015 - July 2019
(4 Years and 2 Months)

Fuss & O'Neill

Computer Analyst
Coordinate Helpdesk for 300+ user network. Provide field office support for New England offices. Support Fuss & O'Neill's Internet Marketing strategy.
March 2005 - September 2015
(10 Years and 7 Months)

Freelance Consultant

Internet Marketing Consultant
Internet Marketing and Website DevelopmentOrganic SEM, Paid Search Marketing, E-Mail Campaign Design & Management and E-Commerce
January 2004 - March 2005
(1 year and 3 Months)

Mindsaw Development

Senior Account Executive
Sales Management, Product Development, Website Design, Search & E-Mail Marketing
August 2002 - January 2004
(1 year and 6 Months)

Smith Mazure Director Wilkins et. al

MIS Assistant
Helpdesk Support
September 1999 - August 2002
(2 Years and 12 Months)