CTO, cofounder at MetaSepia Inc

None From University of San Francisco
Palo Alto, California

MetaSepia Inc

CTO, cofounder
MetaSepia helps turn any phone, device, or OS, without NFC or RF services, into a mobile EMV or proprietary payments wallet. Using the MetaSepia Optical channel technology, the customer simply turns their phone screen towards any OS merchant device (phone, desktop, tablet). The two can now transact using the optical channel, at similar experience and time lapse, as would the customer have used an EMV NFC enabled phone wallet or contactless card. this enables brands and issuers to bypass mobile device OS, NFC, and SE hardware limitations.The present covid-19 crisis is driving a contactless payments solution. Unauthenticated contactless card payments are moving to authenticated mobile device payments. These offer lower risk and reduction in interchange fees, and higher spending limits. We'll join the mobile Contact Tap to Phone payments to address this, truly, hockey-stick growth in contactless payments opportunities. Our SW based solution will meet the need for interoperability and ubiquity of device for payments.The MetaSepia technology builds on a range of IP and 3 issued utility patents, thus ensuring market exclusivity opportunities. In June 2020, we started our search for $1.5M funding via private or institutional partners to develop our Optical payments prototype (August 2020) to beta testing and start of EMV certifications in about 12 months. https://metasepia.com/
May 2015 - Present
(5 Years and 5 Months)

Cryptite, Inc

Chief Innovation Officer, founder
Founded Intellectual Property company for the offline retail payments and security industry. Developed IP portfolios and individual patents as inventor, developed prototypes in support of funding and monetization. ✔Assisted Coin/Fitbit to secure investments in IP development and monetization, and specialized equipment and process engineering IP sales, IP prosecution✔Provided technical due diligence services in materials science/micro-structures, mobile FinTech, and Network designs for secure transaction methodologies for mobile device and payments companies.✔Developed innovations, as an inventor, on nearly 50 USPTO utility patent applications
June 2010 - April 2018
(7 Years and 11 Months)

QSecure Inc

CTO, founder
Founder, seed investor ($75k), and Inventor on a novel, secure, fraud-resistant financial transaction payment card that used submicron geometry micro-electromagneto-dynamic mechanical structures (MEMS) for in-situ magnetic stripe re-programmable technology. Think non-spinning magnetic media hard drive with hundreds of mag-stripe embedded read/write heads. A world’s first and only technology with no competing patents or technology. Led product development and growth and eventual acquisition of the company IP by Coin/FitBit in 2014/17✔Hired and led a team of 15+ scientists and engineers to develop sub-micron geometry MEMS and supporting big-nano-structures, micro-cryptography and adaptive profile software within the ISO 8583 merchant POS transaction message, ultimately tested on the EU Orange Network with Societe Generale bank✔Created the first and only “white space” dynamic magnetic stripe technology with approximately 12 issued patents as inventor✔Innovated electronics and battery to be built into a normal form credit card that could be swiped over 3,000 times at 100% of terminals, securely changing its magnetic stripe data in a cryptographic manner, and confirmed on the Orange Network with Societe Generale issuer
March 2006 - November 2011
(5 Years and 9 Months)

VivoTech, Inc

CTO, cofounder
CoFounder, CTO, investor ($250k), and Inventor for NFC (Near Field Communication) merchant physical Point Of Sale (POS) system and mobile wallet provisioning of VivoPay in founding partnership with the MasterCard PayPass mobile NFC Initiative in 2004, exclusively introducing mobile NFC payments globally✔Assisted early in providing Seed and securing A round towards total of ~$100 million investment for company that had sales of nearly 1M POS transactional terminals during a 10-year period leading to an acquisition by Sequent and ID Tech in 2013/14✔Assisted in staffing recruitment and team development to actualize mobile NFC payment system✔Prepared, filed, and prosecuted 12+ patents for NFC, mobile provisioning, network security, etc, the earliest mobile NFC payment system patents for NFC/contactless POS terminals and mobile provisioning schemes✔Enabled GooglePay and ApplePay, modeled after our VivoPay, for POS transactions at our 1 Million POS terminals, and more produced by ID Tech as as "VivoPay" POS terminal product line.
April 2001 - April 2007
(6 Years and 1 month)

I-Borg Augmented Reality Systems

CTO, founder
Founder, CEO/CTO, and investor ($50k), partnered with the Stanford University Wearable Computing Laboratory research post-grad students to develop Augmented Reality (AR) wearable computer technology ✔Inventor of wearable computer technology with Augmented Reality (AR) display system, Personal Area Network, etc., for x-ray visualization by the surgeon, and warehouse management control✔Established the VivoWallet division as part of I-Borg. an Augmented Realty company which was similar to, and preceded, Google Glass and Oculus✔Assisted hiring of COO to lead product launch and growth of the company, spinning off the VivoWallet division as a new company, VivoTech.
October 1999 - April 2001
(1 year and 7 Months)


VP Analysis, co-founder
Co-founded, assisted in partner development for the first independent materials analysis laboratory in Southeast Asia, which was acquired by a Kawasaki group in 2000. Assisted in materials analysis testing in various areas including x-ray fluorescence, fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy, EDX/SEM Spectroscopy, deep UV, Spectrometry, Gas/HP Liquid Chromatography, Atomic Absorption Spectrometry, Ion Spectrometry, Spin Resonance Spectroscopy, Forensic Analysis, Physical Chemistry Analysis and general materials and failure analysis laboratory for plastics, metals and pharmaceuticals. We supported independent university research requiring access to such instrumentation and analytical skills.
December 1990 - December 1999
(9 Years and 1 month)

Bangkok University

Senior Lecturer, Project Manager
Taught Aeronautical design, analysis, and construction at a foreign university. Designed an innovative aircraft (built another from plans), raised funds from KFC and other corporations. Flew rotary wing aircraft for graduate students. Achieved the highest level of FAA certification in flight instruction for Rotary Wing aircraft. Received Royal medal/decorations for technology contributions to the Kingdom and Royal family.
December 1992 - December 1995
(3 Years and 1 month)

Xerox PARC

Member of Research Staff
Contributor in computer and materials science research in plasma sciences at the birthplace of the PC (Alto), GUI, Ethernet/Internet, and laser printer, and partners with MIT in first mouse, and so much more, located on the Stanford Research Triangle. Recipient of the "Xerox-PARC Special Achievement Award".www.parc.com
July 1984 - May 1989
(4 Years and 11 Months)

University of San Francisco

BS, MIS studies
Completed coursework, left before thesis submitted to co-found South East Asia's first independent Materials Analysis and Testing laboratory for chemical analysis in metals, plastics, and pharmaceuticals.

U.S. Federal Aviation Administration

Rotary-wing Flight Instructor; Fixed-wing pilot
Inventor, designer, built, and flew rotary-wing aircraft at a foreign University. Achieved the highest level of FAA certification as a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI), volunteering flight instruction as a hobby. I believe that flight in navigating all 3 dimensions of space, enhances the individual perspective of the envelope that we all "box" ourselves within, both defining, expanding, and augmenting our vision of reality.


Patent Prosecution for Attorneys; approximately 45 patents filed as inventor
USPTO Certificate
Knowledge of patent prosecution enables embodiment and description of the actual value of an invention, to then research and claim concise ideas, exploiting a niche, and to grow with precision. Assisted in approximately 45+ USPTO patent applications filing, prosecution, and 96% issuance of those selected for prosecution.


>3000 hours/dives underwater, Indonesia
Specializing in mixed-gas breathing apparatus and complex underwater macro photography, both ambient light and fluorescence, of exotic evolutionary creature destinations along the Wallace Line in the Indonesian archipelago each of the past 20+ years.
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Stanford University

Computer Engineering
Special educational program, CS, during last HS years.
Bell Telephone sponsored/assisted HS part-time non-matriculated program.
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