Principal Applied Research Scientist at Microsoft

Ph. D. From Stanford University
Palo Alto, California


Principal Applied Research Scientist
March 2019 - Present
(12 Months)


Principal Data Scientist, Manager
April 2015 - Present
(4 Years and 11 Months)

C9 Inc. (Acq. by Inside Sales)

Data Scientist
As one of a team of 4 data scientists in a 50 person SaaS firm, I do exploratory data analysis, model design, and coding to assist sales organizations by predicting the probability if and when a sale would close, and what factors influence the outcome. I've worked on temporal models (e.g. survival/event analysis), and on improving the interpretability of what feature in the models drive the predictions. My experience is working in R and Python, using a wide range of Machine Learning libraries. … see more
January 2014 - December 2014
(12 Months)
February 2012 - January 2014
(1 year and 12 Months)

Impermium (Acq. by Google)

Chief Scientist
Impermium offers a real-time web service for spam elimination on social networks. Impermium was acquired by Google.
May 2011 - August 2011
(4 Months)

Intel Labs

Research Scientist
As technical lead developed and put into practice “query-based diagnostics” – where user sessions to elicit and use models are combined. Software pilots in manufacturing estimate savings of several million dollars per installation.o Developing an adaptive network traffic anomaly detector and inference algorithm for a “computer anti-worm.” This distributed detection scheme is based on peer-to-peer messaging among hosts, to detect malware, and on a predictor of heavy-tailed network traffic levels. o Advanced text analysis methods for “Confrontational Computing” an Internet application to bridge disparate opinions. o Optimized a wafer selective test reduction algorithm to reduce testing costs without increasing observed failure rates, which is credited with saving $2M. … see more
January 2002 - May 2011
(9 Years and 5 Months)

Edify Corporation, a subsidiary of S1

Research Engineer
Edify manufactures Customer Relationship Management software used in finance, telecommunications, and retail. I worked with CTO on technology to automate customer interaction, using the YY (no longer in business) parser, statistical natural language and automated workflow.
March 2000 - July 2002
(2 Years and 5 Months)

Knowledge Industries

Developed intelligent diagnostic applications, led software development and managed research contracts as part of a start-up.o Trained and led team of mechanics to build large Bayes network intelligent diagnostic models for entire U.S. car fleet, implemented on http://www.partsamerica.como Working directly with support engineers, built Bayes networks diagnostics for commercial aircraft flight deck avionics.o Built web demonstration medical diagnostic interview tool. … see more
June 1998 - March 2000
(1 year and 10 Months)

SRI International

Research Engineer
September 1992 - June 1998
(5 Years and 10 Months)

Stanford University

Research Assistant
January 1981 - January 1991
(10 Years and 1 month)

Stanford University

EES (now MS&E)
Ph. D.

Yale University



High School NY State Regents Diploma