Principal at Karrington Financial Forensics

Master of Business Administration (MBA) 2015 From University of Utah - David Eccles School of Business

Salt Lake City, Utah

Karrington Financial Forensics

Principal conducting criminal defense and civil cases, primarily white collar, alter ego and fraud. Many of these matters are securities, embezzlement, securities fraud, money laundering and conspiracy cases, and issues involving the money trail for missing, contested or misappropriated funds.
December 2014 - Present
(4 Year(s) and 7 months)


Principal at Karrington Financial Forensics
March 2012 - Present
(7 Year(s) and 3 months)
March 2012 - Present
(7 Year(s) and 3 months)

Karrington Investigations

Primarily focused on Criminal Defense and Commercial Litigation cases, Witness Interviews, and Trial Preparation. Testimony rendered in federal and state courts, and in legislative and administrative hearings.
December 1988 - December 2017
(29 Year(s) and 1 months)

KG Financial Forensics

Financial intelligence, review and analysis for litigation matters, business venture due diligence or post-venture resolution. Recommendation of document requests and subpoenas, preparation of witness lists and deposition questions, development of themes for negotiation and trial presentation. Experienced in rendering opinions and expert witness testimony.
December 1992 - December 2014
(22 Year(s) and 1 months)

Union Bank

Financial Investigator
December 2006 - December 2008
(2 Year(s) and 1 months)

University of Utah - David Eccles School of Business

Master of Business Administration (MBA) 2015, Accounting and Business/Management
Not available

University of Utah

Bachelor of Arts (BA), English Language and Literature/Letters
Not available

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