CEO & Founder at Connected2Fiber

Masters From Saint Louis University
Hopkinton, Massachusetts


CEO & Founder
B2B SaaS Connectivity Industry Cloud Platform. Connected2Fiber has built a platform designed for the communications and cloud market focused on enabling growth. Building a system of record for connected locations, mapping over 500 million locations, and enabling a system of engagement that drives success and automation for network providers, while enabling sales teams to increase selling time and effectiveness. The only location management application with OnNet, NearNet and OffNet Building List Management, availability APIs, building tenant and competitiveness scoring, and categorizing buildings to shine a light on where to market and where not. Our 5 stage approach to growth for clients include: 1) Seeing your addressable market in terms of locations, businesses and competitors; 2) Targeting your optimal customers by using our targeting engine to prioritize your addressable market; 3) Engaging your target market by publishing to or connecting with your key channels and ensuring they have the data to embed your solutions into their selling process; 4) Optimizing pricing within your addressable market to increase win rates, margin and top line; 5) Maximizing your addressable market and fix to key customers by engaging partner networks automatically with intelligence. #Serviceability #Fiber #5G #LocationIntelligence … see more
October 2015 - Present
(4 Years and 12 Months)


Member of the Board of Advisors
USA FIBER is a purpose built dark fiber network operator focused on solving the challenging builds needed in the industry to create true diversity, improve latency and deliver scale. Ben has joined the Board of Advisors for USA FIBER, leveraging his 20 years of knowledge to help USA FIBER invest their capital to add the most value to the market. Building fiber at massive scale, underground and solving some of the most complex routes; such as river crossings, granite rock, highways and more. … see more
October 2015 - September 2017
(1 year and 12 Months)

Global Capacity

Chief Revenue Officer
Simple Connectivity. Global Capacity is a connectivity as a service company that operates as a Marketplace of Networks. Global Capacity has built the industry's first cloud base application that allows wholesale and enterprise clients to design, price, order and manage networks globally. Design connectivity in seconds with the ability to leverage hundreds of interconnected access networks. Price in seconds with the ability to choose network based on lowest price, latency, location or diversity attributes. Procure network with simplicity in mind, allowing Global Capacity to be the execution engine for your network reaching out to over 3,000,000 commercial locations across the US and over 27 million internationally. Manage networks with uniform SLAs across all locations, delivery with the same process, same 15 minute proactive SLA to notify, resolve and ensure optimal uptime. Through Global Capacity's One Marketplace, the Company brings together customers and suppliers in an automated platform that provides the right network to the right location, aggregated across the market and interconnected to deliver. Global Capacity delivers its innovative solutions to purpose-built integrators, telecommunication carriers, managed service providers, and enterprise customers globally. Global Capacity's capabilities extend to the overall supply chain of the network; driving efficiency through network intelligence, network management, and market intelligence under the core principals of delivering a superior customer experience and superior financial results. A simple belief that no one network owner has built network everywhere, and therefore through an aggregated, interconnected core platform overlaid with real time application to design, price, order and manage, Global Capacity is the leading choice for delivering the right network where you need it. … see more
October 2012 - September 2015
(2 Years and 12 Months)

FiberLight, LLC

President of Sales & Marketing
Responsible for sales and marketing at FiberLight, one of the faster growing providers of optical transport services and infrastructure in the US. FiberLight is optical transport company focused on delivering high bandwidth networking solutions including dark fiber, metro ethernet and wavelengths in 24 markets including; Washington DC, Baltimore, MD, Atlanta, GA, Tampa, FL, South Florida, Dallas/Fort Worth, TX, San Antonio, TX and Houston, TX. The product set includes managed wavelength services, Ethernet transport, SONET transport, dark fiber with both IRU and optical leases available and high speed IP services. FiberLight's core competentcy is deliverying mission critical data transport for government, enteprise and carrier customers. FiberLight has driven our growth by providing transport for wireless backhaul, data center connectivity, network consolidation and a deep understanding and development of connectivity to the cloud. Creating success through service agnotic networks with high quality performance that connect users to where applications are best located. … see more
March 2008 - October 2012
(4 Years and 8 Months)

tw telecom

Vice President of Marketing
Interim role to transition marketing organization from Xspedius to Time Warner Telecom following successful acquisition of Xspedius by Time Warner Telecom. Help lead integration efforts including product definition, market assessments, road map, process design, segmentation and best practice analysis. I will be completing my interim role on February 28th, 2007. … see more
November 2006 - March 2007
(5 Months)

Xspedius Communications

Vice President of Marketing
Responsible for overall product portfolio management and marketing; including all voice, data and integrated telecommunications products. Launched new product line and consolidated multiple products from acquisitions into single product line. Responsible for all sales, customer and market reporting, including business analysis, lifetime value analysis. Predictability tool and maintanence for determining churn probability. Lead team of marketing professionals; including product managers, marketing analysts, and RFP support personnel. Develope and manage a product marketing plan that covers development efforts, segmentation analysis, complex sales support, positioning, pricing, promotions, margin, distribution and competitive analysis. … see more
June 1999 - March 2007
(7 Years and 10 Months)

MCI WorldCom

Account Development Manager
Acquired new corporate accounts by planning, developing, implementing, and managing projects around the customer’s voice and data needs. Sold local dial tone, long distance, conferencing, private line and frame relay services. Managed territory with accounts from $2,000 per month to $100,000 per month in SW Boston and then transferred to Tucson. Partnered with complimentary businesses to penetrate the market effectively. … see more
June 1997 - December 1998
(1 year and 7 Months)

Frontier Communications

Sales Representative II
Acquired new corporate accounts by planning, developing, implementing, and managing projects around the customer’s voice and data needs. Sold local dial tone, long distance, and conferencing services. Managed territory of lower Manhattan, selling to small and medium sized businesses with revenue of under $10 million
September 1996 - March 1997
(7 Months)

Saint Louis University

International Business

Northeastern University

Finance, International Business

Nanyang Technological University

Study Abroad Semester