Senior Product Manager at DocsCorp

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Sydney, New South Wales, Australia


Senior Product Manager
Designed, launched, and managed a new data-leak prevention product in the DocsCorp suite from inception to market leadership. Met the initial ambitious timeframes and quality targets and have continually expanded scope of the solution with new modules, new services, and broader problem definition and solutions. Worked daily with customers, marketing, sales, and R&D to define and refine requirements, solve problems, manage two-way communications (build marketing messaging and gathering user-feedback), and maintain agile roadmap to answer shifting market demands by packaging near-term demands into R&D releases while keeping true to long term vision.Modules of the product include artificial intelligence (AI) / machine learning (ML), integration with Microsoft Exchange (on-prem and Exchange Online) and Office, integration with leading document management systems, SDK and cloud offerings. Worked with the CTO on improving the product management practice at DocsCorp. Worked with the global R&D manager in implementing SCRUM agile methodology for the development team. see less
January 2013 - Present
(7 Years and 11 Months)

Purple Toga Publications

Author & Publisher
Author of the award-winning Stories of Togas, Daggers, and Magic series - for lovers of Dark Urban-Fantasy Detectives and Ancient Rome. The series includes several published novels and short stories.Visit to learn more.Established Purple Togas Publications to support selected independent authors and support the writing community, specialising in speculative fiction. We guide authors in achieving professional quality publications with a minimum of fuss and the maximum impact. see less
January 2015 - Present
(5 Years and 11 Months)

Macquarie University

Product Designer & Project Manager
Designed, launched, and managed a VMware-award-winning private-cloud solution to deliver virtual applications, appliances, and desktops of Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems to 40,000 students and staff on a variety of traditional and mobile devices. Gathered the requirements of all faculties, designed solutions together with datacentre architects, and oversaw implementation of new compute, storage, and network platforms to support the private cloud. The project won the VMware vForum 2011 Innovation Award, has enjoyed huge success amongst the student and staff users, and has been publicised in several industry magazines.After design and launch, have also assumed project management responsibilities, including managing the team, timetables, deliverable, stakeholders, and a budget of $250K. Designed and implemented an enterprise deployment of Splunk, including reports, dashboards and market analysis for several University systems. Consulted on several other cloud-based and hosted solutions used throughout the university and across public/hybrid clouds for document management, process control, et al. see less
September 2010 - December 2012
(2 Years and 4 Months)

Objective Corporation

Technical CRM
Provided complex solutions and troubleshooting to customers and the professional services group. Acted as liaison between Objective customers with live production systems, consultants and project teams, and the engineering department. Provided support, guidance and issue resolution for complex problems that arise in a wide range of environments and situations across database systems and multiple servers.Devised complex solutions for the largest tier-1 customers, delivered high-level and detailed documentation and assisted with implementation projects of the solutions. Touched on all aspects of company’s offerings: electronic document management, records management, web-contents management, drawings management, web-portals, and desktop clients. SME for search and indexing. Managed critical issues: establishing and maintaining customer expectations and goodwill; ensuring proper external and internal communication channels by staff; ensuring proper attention from management, engineering and other internal departments.Mentored and coached juniors and peers in technical aspects of the product, as well as internal processes and customer relations management. Involved in the hiring process (candidate selection) and ongoing performance reviews.Technologies include C++, Java, Smalltalk, Oracle, MS SQL Server; 3rd Party integration with MS Office, Indexing and Search Solutions (Verity/Autonomy), Splunk, AdLib PDF renditions, Web-services interfaces with REST and JSON/XML, iPhone application; Windows and Solaris. see less
October 2005 - June 2010
(4 Years and 9 Months)

IBA Health

Senior Technical Designer / Software Architect
Architected a new Clinical Enterprise Information System, from data modelling to server-side components for varied end-client support. The system is used to manage nation-wide hospital chains in APAC, EMEA and the US. Role included working with and bridging gaps of cutting edge technologies and intricate legacy systems.Designed data models and workflows for the management of patient care-guides and medical protocols; standards interoperability such as the integration of the Asbru standard for medical data interchange. Produced high-level and detailed design documents, complex information / data models, integration hooks into existing products and assisted the test team with constructing test cases for the complex solution.Coached and Instructed developers in various aspects of modern technologies, OOA&D methodologies and implementation techniques. Researched technologies and standards to apply to the designs. Platforms and technologies included J2EE, Oracle, Delphi. see less
November 2004 - October 2005
(12 Months)


Innovation Team Leader / Analyst / Programmer
Innovation Team Leader: The team was responsible for promoting innovative activities within the department. During my tenure as team leader the group managed to double the patent submission output for the department. The group also increased knowledge sharing and promoting technology talks within the department.Worked with the System Engineering team on a new road-map for VoIP management tools required to carry Avaya into the managed services business; analysed requirements and existing tools and produced Java prototypes and ancillary software specification and documentation.Contributed code to several projects. Developed internal tool to enhance the code-review process. This tool enhanced the final product quality for several projects by augmenting development processes and the underlying configuration-management system. Technologies: Java, C++, Ruby, Python. see less
November 2002 - October 2004
(1 year and 12 Months)


Programming Team Lead
Lead software architect for the OSS group providing Network Management applications: successfully analysed systems; designed new systems and redesigned legacy applications; authored, revised and maintained advanced software architectural reports; implemented prototypes and assimilated new technologies; regularly contributed to project planning.Successfully taken ownership of application development from out-sourcing company, with no interruptions to deadlines. Performed complete architectural analysis and redesign of key products, from monolithic applications to distributed client-server applications. Work involved reverse engineering existing code, analysing existing and changing requirements and producing new system architecture specification. New system achieved significant live performance increase and better code organisation and maintainability. Proactively implemented and promoted OOA&D methodologies in the group. Responsible for OO development procedures and standards for a group of up to 15. Mentored members of the team in OOA&D, UML, Design Patterns, proper software engineering techniques and new technologies. see less
January 2000 - January 2002
(2 Years and 1 month)

IBM - Haifa Research Labs

Software Engineer
Invited to join IBM as part of final-year program for honour students. Programmer across projects and technologies in the E-Commerce & Security Workgroup, including Internet MicroPayments (e-Commerce), distributed knowledge sharing and automated document classification. Supported senior research scientists in software architecture and development/engineering issues. Final project for the B.A. was done as a part of my work at IBM: developing a web-based client for a knowledge-sharing server. see less
July 1999 - August 2000
(1 year and 2 Months)

Net Reality

Pre-Sales / Technical Support and Quality Assurance
Sales Engineer for the Santa Clara office; involved in establishing new customers from pre-sales presentations to technical post-sale customer support, and training new embedded customer support personnel. Represented the company in Networld/Interop, helped set up the systems and present to groups about the product. Devised and built a demo environment to provide a clear and enhanced presentation of the product.On the engineering side, had QA duties over whole product, from Java GUI to the embedded software/hardware system and algorithms performance (written in C). Quickly mastered all aspect of the product and all the related technologies. Developed and documented new tests and test procedures to meet market goals. see less
January 1998 - January 1999
(1 year and 1 month)

VMware vSphere 5

Install, Configure and Manage VMware vSphere 5

The Academic College of Tel-Aviv, Yaffo

Computer Sciences
Computer Science degree with a networking major.