2-10 employees

About Us

Our team of dedicated professionals is an industry leader along the Wasatch Front, providing the best service with Bank Owned homes in Utah and an in-depth knowledge of the Wasatch Front real estate market and local economy. When it comes to managing bank properties, we are committed to providing you with the most rewarding service possible in managing and marketing your properties. Because our only focus is REO, you can count on our expert management of your asset, from initial assignment through closing, with a time sensitive manner of professionalism. We work with Asset Managers, managing and preserving foreclosed properties on behalf of banks and mortgage companies throughout the country efficiently and quickly, ensuring the best turnaround time is provided. We offer fast, accurate valuations and REO disposition with a single point of contact. We pride ourselves on our fast, accurate communication and detailed-oriented work ethic. With over eighteen years of experience in bank-owned (REO), foreclosed, and distressed real estate properties, property preservation, and maintenance, we are committed to continuing to bring the best service to all those we work with!