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About Us

About us Business degree programs at Simon are designed to help you achieve a new level of clarity: about how analytical frameworks drive success in business; about what it takes to collaborate and manage in the contemporary, global workplace; and about your professional growth and goals. It’s the understanding and confidence you need to make the right decisions and lead no matter what the business forecast. We’re proud of offer degree programs with an unabashedly analytical bias. We’ll show you how a deep understanding of economics, combined with an intensive quantitative focus, gives you a cohesive, evidence-based approach to decision making. The Simon student community is small by design and intentional in its inclusiveness. In your classes and collaborative experiences, relationships matter—and an extraordinary array of perspectives are always close by. We believe a rigorous business degree program can and should be eye-opening on many levels. A Simon degree is about more than getting a respected credential. It’s about having the time and encouragement to reflect, refine, and take risks—to gain a more profound understanding of what business means in the world, the leader you can be, and the impact you can make.