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About Us

About us Remodista is a social think tank examining disruption in global retail and fintech. A trusted community that provides personalized on demand problem-solving with industry colleagues. Our mission is to provide insight, education and innovation to brand leaders through collaborative research and analysis while cultivating leadership. o Identify + grow thought leadership focused on global retail disruption o Create education content through collaborative research + analysis o Socialize findings with expansive content and social engagement o Empower retail executives with tools + insights to get to the next level o Develop go-to-market strategies for pivoting technology + service partners INDUSTRY INSIGHTS The Remodista Retail Look Book is one of the most important retail industry snapshots available today. It is a collection of community-driven cutting-edge tactics for organizations seeking “best in class” status. We have captured industry-changing learnings, presented hypotheses from years past and offer insights and predictions. RETAIL LEADERSHIP CULTIVATION Our Women2Watch in Retail Disruption Program has expanded to include 80 women leaders from brands and service providers in the US and Australia. The program starts with nominations, leading to a list that identifies an extraordinary group of women. Highlighting them throughout the year, we place them in keynotes and panels around the globe. Capping off the year of collaboration and insights with an award show in September that underscores the accomplishments and highlights our most innovative women. *Expansion to South America and Europe in 2018. SALES LEADERSHIP CULTIVATION Deliciously Human is our global program focused on whole-self selling. We offer a 12-week course focused on empowering women in sales, while teaching partners how to build an inclusive environment to retain their female talent.