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About Us

About us FocusVision is a full-spectrum, research technology solutions provider. In 1992 we were the first company to live-stream focus groups. This saved our clients a lot of time, and money. As we grew, and learnt more, and as the world of research technology matured, we realized no single track research approach was satisfying clients’ requirements. So, we acquired market-leading companies in surveys and reporting and digital qual, and refined our own video solution. These companies were: Decipher, Revelation, InterVu, 24Tru, Research Reporter and Kinesis. We now operate globally as one company, under the FocusVision brand, with over 400 employees, and offices in the US, UK, Bulgaria, and Singapore. FocusVision provides its research technology solutions to professional research agencies and directly to client enterprises. We are trusted by 18 of the top 20 of the Fortune 100, all 10 of the top 10 healthcare and 10/10 of the top CPG companies.