American Fork, Utah
51-200 employees

About Us

Our mission is to create eLearning AWESOMENESS! Become a rock star when you subscribe to the most amazing eLearning Template Library on the planet. The Template Library can help you build content that is engaging, interactive, and inspiring. Choose from games, interactions, layouts, scenarios, navigation players, characters, and more. We also specialize in custom-designed eLearning that delights our customers with deeply immersive and visually explosive eLearning experiences! We help companies create online learning twice as fast, and we can help you make it twice as effective and more engaging for your learners. We've been able to create custom online learning courses that help our clients save time, headaches and money. Our team has developed eLearning templates and courses for major Fortune 500 companies, and won a number of industry awards, including a Brandon Hall award. For more information, call 801-796-BROS.