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About Us

About us Established in 1992, CDI Systems is a leading software technology company based in Jerusalem and managed by experienced and successful e-publishing professionals. NetIS™ – the company core technology – is a comprehensive ecommerce end-2-end platform that includes every aspect of online publishing. NetIS presents the first ecommerce platform that integrates DRM (Digital Rights Management), WCM (Web Content Management), information retrieval and e-commerce tools into a single, seamless platform for the secure distribution and sale of premium content and ebooks, allowing a full array of “never seen before” sales models. The engine also includes a proprietary embedded SEO set of algorithms which pull extremely high ranking on giant search engines. Among others, CDI Systems has enabled Takdin to become Israel's leading provider of legal content with a database of over 1.8M documents. Takdin is a "must have" among more than three thousand law offices, Ministries, The Court system and 30,000 private & State Attorneys. The digital revolution is impacting every industry that relies upon the written word to convey information - financial, medical, academic, research or any content owner turning to the internet for the distribution and sale of their digital assets. CDI Systems offers solutions to support virtually any e-publishing requirement and is focused on, and well positioned to assist Publishers and Content Owners to move from traditional publishing to e-publishing and build their own B2C ecommerce operations. The company has increased its business by partnering with SI in different countries. On 2013 CDI Systems established a subsidiary in China and is operating in Z-Park innovation and technology center in Beijing. Since then the company has signed several agreements with large publishing houses in China to transform their traditional business into e-business, enabling the distribution and sales of their digital assets across all forms of digital media.