San Jose, California
11-50 employees

About Us

About us Cavendish Kinetics is a fabless supplier of tunable components for RF circuits (antennas, power amps, filters) used in cellular handsets, laptops, netbooks, tablets, and other consumer wireless devices. CK’s products are designed to address a serious challenge facing the wireless industry: how to pack more features and services into wireless devices without adding radios or increasing the device size. CK has created and honed hard-to-replicate technology based on third-generation RF MEMS expertise and its own innovative semiconductor processes. By reducing component count, CK’s tunable RF solutions enable the design of wireless devices with improved RF signaling, which leads to enhanced performance, lower power, and smaller RF systems. As a result, end users enjoy a more satisfying experience with their wireless devices. Products incorporating CK’s semiconductor products: Improve the voice and web browsing experience for users of today’s 3G and 4G wireless devices. Significantly improve the network efficiency of cellular operators by reducing re-tries and dropped-call rates. Provide 3G and 4G systems with improved RF signaling, which dramatically increases data throughput and network efficiency. Reduce component count, which makes it faster and less expensive to design better-performing wireless devices.