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About Us

About us About ARCHIBUS and its Federated Ecosystem With over 35 years of continuous innovation, ARCHIBUS leads the global marketplace in applying comprehensive technology solutions and services to managing your built-environment, ARCHIBUS and the its worldwide Federated Ecosystem enable organizations across the globe to consolidate their systems onto a single integrated platform for all the data, planning and operations of real estate, infrastructure and facilities. Through effective improvement and business transformation, ARCHIBUS helps users manage extensive portfolios of buildings and properties across the world. Our industry-leading enterprise software, ARCHIBUS®, provides unique intelligence on your built environment through Enterprise Information Modeling (EIM™), and expresses its value to the overall business mission through: • A flexible and scalable platform that enables users to easily phase-in high value/low risk rapid deployments of either specific applications or the full range of applications for organizations of all sizes. • A highly efficient collaboration platform using homepages to personalize business analytics and data-driven results for the various roles in an organization. • Insight and actionable intelligence from a common operating picture of results to enable operational & strategic stakeholders to achieve their organization’s long-term strategy. Our worldwide Federated Ecosystem of ARCHIBUS Solution Centers and Business Partners provides local, regional and global support in most countries around the world. Headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, ARCHIBUS, Inc. has pioneered real estate, infrastructure and facilities management technologies since 1982. For more information, please visit www.archibus.com.