San Diego
11-50 employees

About Us

About us Airspace Technology offers end to end supply chain solutions. However, we are very different than the other companies you will find in this space. We take a forward thinking approach by asking "Is this the way it should be done?" instead of the old way of thinking "This is how it has always been done". Airspace Technologies focuses on people and technology. People are #1. Our experienced team provides a great workplace environment where people are rewarded for challenging the status quo. We are the best company to work for in this industry (voted by our employees). No matter what your title you are valued and treated with equal respect. We believe in hard work but stress the importance of enjoying your daily work life. Airspace Technologies is bringing much needed technology to an outdated industry. Some of the larger companies have been around for decades and they are still running their business the same way today. Our team of developers are committed to finding more efficient ways to handle customer needs. In turn this allows us to be very competitive and save our customers a lot of time and money. Airspace Technologies is growing rapidly and looking for new talent to join our team!