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About Us

Chartered in 2016, the AI for Good Foundation is 501(c)3 Public Charity that fosters activities to maximize the benefit of AI technologies for social good through the lens of global sustainable development. Donate or become a member today, and help us to make the world a better place with Artificial Intelligence! The lack of a common vision in the AI research community, and a fragmented body of scientific work that is difficult to reproduce and build upon; The absence of mechanisms and forums of communication between researchers, practitioners, policy-makers, and the public, to educate and engage on the opportunities and threats of emerging capabilities, both from a technology and socio-economic perspective; The unbalanced nature of incentives and funding for Artificial Intelligence research, that end up favoring defense and military applications, at the expense of directly socially beneficial projects; We believe that Artificial Intelligence is misunderstood, that the various stakeholders do not communicate as well as they should, and that the research efforts need more common ground for sharing and benefiting from the good work that is already happening. We also believe that the solutions need to be global, bringing together people from many different backgrounds, identifying the most promising areas for research and implementation, and being the voice of rationality and data-driven conclusions. As such, we have developed a series of complementary programs, engaging the world’s most prominent researchers in the field, and based on a culture of evidence-driven transparency. Our programs are: Workshops and Conferences Education Outreach Standards and Guidelines Tools and Platform Research Program Funding and Support Local Chapters